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5 Zodiac Signs That Will Give You MIND-BLOWING Orgasms

5 Zodiac Signs That Will Give You MIND-BLOWING Orgasms



Capricorns are very intelligent and quick to learn new things.

When they set up goals, they will make them come true. If you’re lucky enough to be Capricorn’s goal, you won’t regret it because a Capricorn will make you scream with pleasure.

Due to the fact they quickly pick up on things, they will know exactly what you like and how your body reacts. Hence, you will get the night of your life.

You won’t have to give them instructions in order to get an orgasm. You will just need to lay back and relax, letting them do all the work.



Aquarius will spice up things in bed by introducing some role-playing. Be prepared to live your wildest fantasies, because an Aquarius is willing to do anything that comes to your mind.

Aquarius is no stranger to experimenting in bed by using sex toys or trying out new positions and on the top of all things—he/she is good at it!

Also, Aquarius like dirty talk. Hearing him/her whispering nasty stuff in your ear will make you come, even without touching.

You can be sure you won’t have the same experience with an Aquarius twice because they are very innovative and creative.

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This sign is playing for the pros. There is no one more experienced than a Sagittarius and as we all know—experience=quality!

A Sagittarius knows the game too well to make the wrong move. That move doesn’t exist in his/her book. This sign is going to make moves you have never seen or heard of. He/she will leave you delightfully exhausted. This Zodiac sign is a perfect sign for a one-night stand.



They are very unpredictable and they are not afraid to take any risks. Quickes and sex in new, strange and public places are something they are very familiar with—and you will be, too.

Be sure that an Aries will fulfill your every fantasy, no matter how kinky, because fantasies are what turns him/her on, as well. This sign will make you feel stuff you’ve never felt before and you can be sure your sex life will never be boring.



If you like to play it rough, find a Scorpio. They have no limits—the rougher, the better. They will pull your hair, spank you and dirty talk you. They like to play kinky games and use kinky toys.

Don’t be surprised if they tie you up or cuff you and ‘torture’ you with pleasure. They will make you want them so badly that you will beg them to give you their bodies.

If you are brave enough to have sex with a Scorpio, make sure there is no one in the house because the noise you will produce is going to be mind-blowing.