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10 Guaranteed Ways To Impress a Woman

10 Guaranteed Ways To Impress a Woman

Impressing some women can be mission impossible. Especially if they are all uptight and don’t want to talk to anybody.

You will probably agree with me when I say that it is not so easy for guys to handle all the things regarding first impressions.

They definitely need to go an extra mile to catch fish they really want. Since we want your fishing to go flawlessly, we will be very kind and help you out.

Here are 10 ways to impress a woman and sweep her off her feet, so stay tuned!

Look her in the eyes

Even if the girl you are seducing is so hot and you are checking her body out, it is better to focus on her eyes for the beginning. Just imagine how she would feel if you are staring at her boobs while she is telling you how her mom died.

Trust me, you would look like a creep. So stop doing that, okay?

Dress up

I know guys don’t pay as much attention to their clothes as women do, but if you want to impress someone you need to dress up.

Especially if the two of you have a first date. If you are not sure what to wear, you can choose something classy but sexy.

She will see that you are trying hard to impress her on your first date and she will think you actually like her. This is a good start, don’t you think so?

Help her with her coat

Women like these things. They feel special when someone opens the door for them or helps them with their coats.

It means you want to please her and do everything for her to be satisfied. If this isn’t a good way to impress a woman, I don’t know what is? Remember, small stuff counts the most!

Put down your phone

If you are on a date but staring at your phone every 5 seconds, she won’t be so impressed. In fact, she will think that you feel bored with her and she will be shy to talk.

If you want your first date to be successful, leave your phone, take her hands and tell her she has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. Who could resist that?

Ask her questions

Asking her questions can mean only one thing—you are into her. A guy who asks questions and wants to know more about you is someone who is attracted by your appearance.

So, don’t wait and ask him about his interest and hobbies. Time will fly by and the two of you will enjoy talking. I guess this is called a successful date!

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Compliment her

Every woman likes to hear compliments. Period. If you want to make her feel special, compliment her but in a sincere way. You can tell her how great she looks in that dress. She will be happy to hear that and she will like you instantly.

Ask for advice

No matter whether you want advice about the food you are going to eat or a jacket you are going to buy, let her be a part of it.

Women like to feel important and you are making her feel that way by asking her for advice.

Trust me, you nailed it with this question. Soon, she will start talking more and maybe give you some suggestions about your life. The two of you are a dream team, right?

Bring her flowers

Women like flowers (and romantic bedtime stories) because these things make us feel special. So, don’t just bring her flowers for her birthday or when you screw up—do it on a daily basis if possible.

That will sweep her off her feet and you will definitely be the special one she is going to think about in the late night while the rest of the world is asleep.

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Don’t be late

Call when you say you will call, be where you say you will be, do what you say you will do. Enough said. A real woman will respect you for this!

Trust her

Trust is the key to a successful relationship. If she feels you don’t trust her, she won’t put up with all that shit for a long time.

You are risking to get dumped if you don’t give her freedom she needs. Nobody wants to live like they are in prison and she is not an exception!