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6 Annoying Things Insecure Couples Do On Social Media

6 Annoying Things Insecure Couples Do On Social Media

Love is a beautiful thing created between two people. It gives you the sensation of euphoria and immense happiness.

But it’s really hard to understand the urge that some couples have to parade all their love on social media. It just makes it seem untrue and makes the rest of us feel annoyed.

These are some of the things that insecure couples do on social media:

1. Joint Facebook accounts.

I know most of the couples who have joint Facebook accounts want to show that they do everything together and that they are one. However, they should actually be two separate individuals who are united in their love. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything together.

Also, one of the reasons for having this kind of account is jealousy. You want to mark your territory and show the world they are just yours. This is a way to avoid somebody being able to contact them without you knowing.

2. Having each other’s passwords.

Jealousy is also the leading force behind it. And it just shows your insecurities. When you send a message to a person with that kind of Facebook profile and they reply, you never know whose answer it is.
It’s not a sign of a healthy relationship filled with trust. Even worse, if your friends can’t contact you and communicate with you privately, it destroys friendships. Let your partner breathe.

3. Constantly posting photos and check-ins.

Someone might get the idea that they are included in your love relationship, like a constant observer. Is it really necessary to overshare? It’s OK to post something from time to time.

Oversharing gives out the message, “ Hey everyone, look at us, we are so in love. We are the perfect couple and we visit places together.” It’s like you are showing off and trying too hard to prove your love. It seems fake.


4. Long status updates about their everlasting love.

Love should be shared privately between two people. A long post about how much you love your girlfriend/boyfriend is better and more significant when said in person.

You don’t need likes to prove your love.

5. Half-naked selfies.

Your sex life is nobody’s business. Half-naked photos from your bed or other locations are not interesting to anybody. Keep your sex life to yourself.

6. Fights.

Not everyone needs to know that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are in a messy fight. Don’t air your dirty laundry all over social media. It’s nobody’s business and it’s disrespectful to your partner.

A relationship is a part of your private life and it should be just that – PRIVATE.
People who are in happy relationships leave no trace of it on social media. They don’t have to prove it, they just feel it.