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Wait For Someone Who’ll Want To Show You Off

Wait For Someone Who’ll Want To Show You Off

You’d be crazy if you wanted only the best things in your life for yourself. You should aspire to find someone who you’d want to share your precious time with. Never settle for less. Never rush things and never allow yourself to be with someone who doesn’t deserve you. Never allow someone who should be there to make your life easier and prettier to treat you any less. Wait for the one who’ll be proud to have you.

Wait for someone in whose eyes you’ll be the prettiest person in the room, regardless of who’s standing next to you. Wait for someone who won’t judge you for your flaws but someone who’ll take your flaws together with all your perfect parts. Wait for someone who’ll love you whole just as you are. Someone who won’t judge the way you dress, but who’ll proudly applaud you when you show him your new style. Wait for someone who understands that your outer look is just yours and who’ll love you no matter what.

Wait for someone who’ll brag about how he has the smartest girl in the world. Wait for someone who’ll admire your drive, who’ll want to be as passionate as you are, someone who won’t believe that such an intelligent girl chose him out of all the men out there. Wait for someone who won’t be intimidated by your career, by your devotion or by how hard-working you are. Wait for someone who won’t get mad when you work late because he understands that you want to succeed and wants to support you each step of the way.


Wait For Someone Who’ll Want To Show You Off


Wait for someone who would never break your heart, someone who’s genuinely happy to have such a kind-hearted girl next to him and who’d never take advantage of you. Wait for someone who’ll protect you from all kinds of headaches. Someone who’ll keep your heart safe and in your best interests. Someone who’ll admire your willingness to help others, even if it means putting others in front of you two. Wait for someone who’s attracted to your good heart.

Wait for someone who notices your efforts, who won’t make you feel as if you’re too much. Someone who’ll take as much love as you give him and who’ll give you back double. Wait for someone who’ll thank God each day that you walked into his life. Wait for someone who’ll be proud to have you next to him. Don’t settle for anything less because you deserve someone like this.

Wait for someone like this. It will be worthwhile.