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6 BIG Differences Between Lust And Love

6 BIG Differences Between Lust And Love

Is it lust or love? How can you tell the difference when it’s so similar at the beginning of the relationship?

You feel loved and appreciated all the time with the amount of attention he’s giving you and you don’t question his intentions, even though you should.

These types of relationships are very dangerous because you might be falling in love with him but you can’t figure out if he really loves you for whom you are or if he loves the way you two work together under the sheets.

Here are some differences between love and lust that might help you to figure out what he really wants from you.

1. He compliments your body, not your mind

He keeps telling you how hot you look in that dress and he looks at your body constantly. This is a huge sign of lust, because he can’t keep his eyes off of your body and he’s just thinking about how you might look naked.

If he loves you, he will look you in the eyes while you tell him how your day was or when you’re telling him about something interesting you read the other day. If it’s love, he’ll want to get to know your mind rather than your body.

2. Every time you try talking to him, he turns it into a sex talk

You try talking to him about your relationship and emotions but all he does is turn it into an opportunity to tell you how hot you are and what he wants to do to you tonight (or something along those lines).

He can’t keep the conversation serious even though you would like to talk about your emotions with him. You know what happens when he’s in love?

He is very upfront about his emotions and he knows that you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, so he doesn’t interrupt while you’re talking and he listens to what you’re saying.

3. He avoids talking about the future

When it’s lust, your relationship is clearly just on a fantasy level for him; you both have fun and there are no serious situations involved.

But when you’re in love with each other, if he truly does love you, you will make plans for the future together.

You will involve each other in all your goals. This is the biggest difference between love and lust.

Lust is only for a few days and love is forever.

4. He doesn’t care about meeting your friends or family

He only wants you. Naked. Why would he want to meet your friends?

They have nothing to do with your relationship or anything inside the bedroom. So he does not feel the need to meet your friends or family. That would be too awkward.

But if he loves you, he will probably wait a while to meet them just to be sure that you really want that and he will happily go with you for a family dinner. He will do the best he can to make a good impression.

5. You are not friends with each other

You don’t play around, laugh or have a fun time together. He doesn’t even know how to sit by your side without touching you and showing you that he wants you.

Friends don’t do these things because what they want are quality conversations, a lot of laughter and so on. If he only sees you two as lovers, it’s very obvious that it’s only lust.

6. He doesn’t stay to cuddle

Isn’t it the purest feeling ever when you wake up in the morning by his side and you cuddle for hours on end? In a lustful relationship, he’ll be gone before you even wake up.

But a relationship filled with love shows that being together isn’t a burden, but an enjoyment. Even the morning silence feels beautiful, without a hint of awkwardness.