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When A Guy Looks Down At Your Body, What Is He Thinking?

When A Guy Looks Down At Your Body, What Is He Thinking?

The eyes are the most expressive part of our bodies. Relationship experts agree that they sometimes reveal more than words. Unless they’re an expert liar, you can tell a lot about how someone feels about you from how they look at you.

When a guy looks down at your body, he’s checking you out. However, what he’s checking you out for can vary, and you can conclude a lot from the situation and from how he does it.

Unless you’re flirting, it can feel uncomfortable. Why do guys do it when they know it can be off-putting to women?

We’ll talk in detail about how to tell what a guy is feeling and what he wants when he looks you up and down.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Looks Down At Your Body?

I’m sure it’s happened to you: you’re talking to a guy, and his eyes flit up and down quickly. It happens a few more times during your conversation, and it seems like he can’t help himself.

Depending on how he does it, it can be crystal clear what a guy is thinking while looking at you.

If it’s a neutral, almost blank look, it could be that his eyes are just wandering around. If you catch a guy staring, eyes at half-mast and biting his lip, you know he’s thinking about things best kept private. Usually, it’s somewhere in between.

When a guy looks down at your body, it’s a clear sign of interest. Let’s see what he might be interested in.

1. He’s checking YOU out

A guy giving you an assessing look is one of the most common body language cues that indicate physical attraction. He’s making no effort to hide his interest in your body.

Guys who do this to women they’re not in a relationship with either don’t know or don’t care that a lot of women don’t like it. When his eyes roam over your body, it can feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re not interested in him.

Clueless guys think that they won’t get caught or that it’s flattering when, in fact, it can feel invasive, especially if it’s a stranger.

It’s different when it’s someone you’re interested in. It’s a good sign he likes you back, especially if you’ve already given him clues.

A guy looking you up and down is a sign of attraction, and it’s up to you to decide how you feel about it.

2. He’s checking YOU out… and he wants you to know

When a guy looks down at your body, he’s using his eyes to flirt with you because he’s attracted to you and wants you to know it. He wants to tell you that he’s interested without actually saying a word.

His body language tells a story. There are lots of other clues that show attraction, giving you a clear picture even when you couldn’t be sure otherwise. We’ll look at that in more detail in a bit.

Depending on the situation, a guy’s gaze can make you blush, or it can make your skin crawl.

When it’s someone you’re attracted to, and the mood is sexy, a long, lingering gaze down your body can feel like an invitation you’re inclined to accept.

If you’re talking to a guy you don’t really know, there’s no romantic atmosphere, and the topic of the conversation is something casual, even a fleeting glance can feel downright creepy.

3. He’s checking IF YOU LIKE HIM BACK

A guy who’s attracted to you but is insecure or nervous might have no clue how to approach you. He’s checking you out because he doesn’t know how to ask you out or get your phone number.

If he’s a shy guy who’s generally anxious when talking to girls, it’s possible he doesn’t have much experience with initiating romantic relationships. If he doesn’t know whether you like him back, he might be unsure what to do.

You’ll recognize a nervous guy by fidgeting, shying away from talking to you, and an averted gaze. He’ll check you out but turn his eyes away when you look in his direction.

If you’re interested as well, flirt with him and give him encouraging yet subtle signs of interest. Let him get comfortable around you enough to relax and not shy away.

4. He’s checking out YOUR LOOK

When a guy looks down at your body, he might be thinking that you’re interesting regardless of whether or not he’s attracted to you. Something about you has caught his eye.

We express a lot through how we dress and carry ourselves, and he might be intrigued by what you’re saying. The way you present yourself is making him curious, and people’s eyes gravitate to what has aroused their interest.

Contrary to what some people believe, guys don’t only care that you’re dressed in a way that’s flattering your body, especially if they’re looking for something more than a fling. Your clothes and style say things about your personality, and he’s curious.

Your message could be that you’re someone who takes care of themselves, someone who doesn’t care about social conventions or someone who has a very specific taste. Whatever it is, he wants to know more.

5. He’s checking out

Maybe he knows you from somewhere, or he thinks he might. You remind him of someone from high school, or there’s something about you he can’t put his finger on. Maybe someone else said something, so he’s curious.

Another very likely reason for his seemingly wandering eyes is that he’s just zoning out and not looking at you at all. He might only be looking around, and his eyes passed you by.

Anything that will lead to meaningful interaction between the two of you will come with more body language signals than just looking. Sure, at first, he (and you) might be testing the waters by stealing glances.

However, if he’s still at the level where he’s only looking, you probably shouldn’t analyze it too much. If you like him, give him a sign or approach him, but don’t worry about what he’s thinking right now.

How Do You Know If A Man Is Attracted To You?

Looks, stares, and gazes are sure signs of interest, but on their own, they can signify something other than romantic interest. Luckily, there are lots of other ways to tell how he feels, mainly his behavior and body language.

Body language signs can be so obvious that no words are necessary, but sometimes you might need some relationship advice to figure it out.

When it comes to his behavior, it usually amounts to various ways to show you attention. For instance, he might be asking you lots of questions or noticing the little things about you.

If you want to know if a man is attracted to you, look out for these body language and behavioral signs.


1. Eye contact

Eye contact is always the biggest giveaway of interest, as we’ve seen so far. The different ways he’s looking at you all have their purpose: intense eye contact to show his passion, a playful gaze, and a smirk when he’s flirting with you, or a lack of eye contact when he has no interest.

Pupil dilation, frequent blinking, and eye movement – his gaze jumping from your eyes to your lips – reflect his unconscious desire.

When a guy looks down at your body, with, for instance, a smoldering gaze and prolonged eye contact, there’s no doubt that he’s feeling attraction.

It’s always a combination of body language signs and behavior that can give the most accurate answer to how he feels.

2. Facial expressions

Apart from the eyes, the entire face is full of clues that betray attraction. His facial expressions show how he feels in your presence, so if you know how to read them, you’ll get a picture of his emotional state.

Look for a slight raise of his eyebrows when he sees you – his eyes open wider because he wants to see more of you, and his eyebrows go up with them. He takes a deep breath, so his nostrils flare slightly. He parts his lips as he looks at you and might even lick them as they get dry.

If he’s a shy guy, he’s guaranteed to blush. It’s a sign of excitement and anticipation, so even if he’s not shy, it’s likely to happen but might be a bit harder to notice.

3. Open body language

Body language 101: when a man is attracted to you, he’ll show you that he’s available and interested by making his whole posture open. He won’t cross his arms and legs – he’ll sit with his shoulders relaxed, manspreading, and pointing his feet in your direction.

In fact, his whole body will be pointed towards you, from his head to his crotch and his toes. His whole body will pay attention to you when he’s attracted.

He’ll lean close to you and look at you, closely listening to what you have to say. He’ll focus on you as you speak and turn toward you and remove any obstacles between you, such as a cushion or an empty chair.

4. Physical contact

A guy who’s attracted to you wants to be as close to you as possible. He’ll get near you and be touchy, often without even being aware of it.

He’ll invade your personal space and touch you under the pretense of doing something else, such as fixing your clothes or handing you something.

He’ll sit next to you whenever possible and move to be near you if you’re far apart. When you’re standing, he’ll often place his palm on the small of your back, or guide you by your elbow.

5. Preening

When a guy likes you, he wants you to notice him, so he’ll make himself a nuisance until you do. He’ll show off and puff up to get you to pay attention.

He’ll run his hands through his hair, especially if he thinks it’s one of his good features. He’ll smooth his clothes and play with his accessories to show off his body. He’ll take up as much space as he can and sit in a way that draws attention to his crotch area.

His voice will be different too – sweeter or deeper to show how smooth he is, but higher and softer when he gets excited.


1. Flirting

To show his attraction, a guy who’s interested in you will flirt unless he’s really shy or thinks he has no chance. When a guy looks down at your body, it can mean that it’s part of his flirting style.

He’ll smirk and tease you to show his playful side. He’ll do anything to impress you and show his manly side. If he’s a cheesy guy, he might even wink, but if you like him back, you’ll probably find it cute.

He’ll pay you lots of compliments, but depending on how skilled at it he is, he might be more or less successful at it.

Finally, flirting often includes unconscious mirroring – he’ll emulate your body language, your expressions, and even your mood to show you how alike you are and, therefore, a great match.

2. Attention

A man who likes you will pay attention to you because he cares about your thoughts, your ideas, and your life. He’ll focus on you, notice things about you, and generally show you that you are important.

He’ll listen carefully to you when you speak and actually hear you because he is curious about your words. He’ll remember the things you say and might surprise you the first time when he recalls something you mentioned a while ago.

He has a genuine interest in you. This means in your life and things that happen to you, your hobbies, and your opinions, your friends and the people and things you like.

He’ll make you feel comfortable enough to open up to him. If you like him back, this is a chance to connect and see if something meaningful can come out of it.

3. Spending time

When a guy is attracted to you, he likes to be around you. He’ll show up whenever there’s a chance to see you and be happy that he has the opportunity. He’ll engage with you in conversation, and focus on you, no matter if it’s just the two of you or if it’s in a group setting.

A man who likes you will smile a lot because he has a reason to smile. He’ll smile with his eyes and give you a toothy grin. The little things you do will endear him because it’s you. His laughter when he’s with you won’t be faked.

Knowing whether a guy is attracted to you isn’t hard if he’s expressive and confident. If he’s shy, it can be a little complicated because he might be trying to hide it. However, body language usually reveals his interest because he can’t take his focus off of you.

Why Is He Looking At You?

When a guy looks down at your body, he’s interested in you. To know in what way, you need more clues.

The most likely explanation is that he’s attracted to you, but he can also just be measuring you up. To figure out if he’ll ask you out on a date or challenge you to a fight, pay attention to other signs of attraction.

His body language and how he acts around you will give you a better idea of what to do than any dating advice could.