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6 Most Common Relationship Problems That Are Beyond Fixing

6 Most Common Relationship Problems That Are Beyond Fixing

1. Disdain

This emotion in your relationship is a clear sign that something is seriously not working. If you, or even worse, if both of you are feeling disdain for one another, that could be what causes your imminent downfall.

It is an extremely destructive emotion and there is no place for it in a relationship that is built on mutual love and respect.

2. Countless arguments about the smallest things

It is completely normal not to agree with your partner on everything all the time, so having arguments from time to time is actually good for you.

It shows that you both care enough about each other and allows you to let it all out.

But when you feel the urge to fight and bicker about the most trivial things, that is an unhealthy environment to be in and raises a bigger issue that you need to pinpoint and decide if it deserves working on.

A successful relationship cannot withstand countless tiny arguments about the smallest things, as it leaves little room to breathe and be happy with one another.

3. Cheating

In most cases, even those couples who try to mend the relationship after one party has cheated, it turns out an impossible mission.

The trust is simply no longer there and fragments of resentment and anger will always be in the back of your mind (if you were the one cheated on).

It is virtually impossible to get the dynamic of your relationship back and continue from where you left off.

4. Secrets and a partner full of mystery

In every healthy relationship, an amount of alone time is always encouraged and is beneficial. You have your lives outside of the relationship and it’s okay to spend time with other people you love.

But that time apart should never be spent not knowing where your partner is or what he’s doing. It’s one thing to be apart but it’s a whole other thing for him to be vague about his whereabouts and keeping you in the dark.

That is not acceptable. Your partner should share where he is and expect the same from you. You can’t go on not knowing how or where he is and who he’s with.

Those are simple things and you should never have to wonder about them.

5. Having completely different sexual needs

Being compatible in a relationship is necessary if you want to make it last. You’re not always going to see eye to eye about every single thing but it shouldn’t be that different either.

When you share a bed with someone, you share the most intimate parts of yourself. Nobody gets to see that but your partner.

If you have completely different needs from him and you can’t seem to make it work to both your satisfaction, it’s possible this will be the final nail in the coffin for your relationship.

You can’t always do things you’re not comfortable with for the sake of your significant other and vice versa. There should always be a common ground between lovers.

6. Needing constant confirmations of affection

If two people with different ideas of a partnership come together, there will likely be issues, as you both approach intimacy in a different manner.

If you need to hear how he feels about you on a frequent basis and he’s not the most vocal person when it comes to expressing his emotions, you are probably going to clash at times.

When you can’t find a compromise and one party is always let down, this will soon become a much bigger issue as one partner is always left unfulfilled.

The incompatibility of this magnitude is oftentimes hard to overcome and results in a break-up.