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6 Reasons Why It Is Hard For You To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

6 Reasons Why It Is Hard For You To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship

When you are stuck in a toxic relationship, you think that there is no way out and that you will always be with your abuser.

You feel that you are not strong enough to walk away and you are afraid that nobody will be able to love you again because you are broken.

It is a mental state that you are not good enough or worthy enough to provide the love someone needs.

And that feeling is eating you alive because you don’t feel good in your own skin. That’s why you choose to prolong your agony and to stay with your toxic partner.

I know that it is never easy to walk away from someone you love, but you should think about your happiness in that relationship.

If that is not something that fulfills you and if you are not receiving the love you need, then you have to leave.

You know, sometimes it is better to let go because there is nothing to hold onto. If you recognize yourself in at least one of these signs, it means that you are struggling to walk away from your toxic relationship.

Maybe once you read these signs, it will be clear to you that you deserve much better than an almost love.

1. You are not with him because of love but out of habit

You know that it is very difficult to get rid of bad habits but staying in a toxic relationship is the worst thing that you can do to yourself.

When you think twice, you will realize that you are not with your man because you love him but because you need him.

You think that you will be powerless without him and that nobody else will want you like that—all broken and with emotional scars.

What you don’t know is that staying in that kind of atmosphere will be more painful that getting rid of someone who isn’t good for you anyway.

2. You still think that things will get better

You see, this happens because you are in a long relationship and you think that the two of you had bigger problems and that you will get over this one, too.

But you don’t see that this is not just a problem but a state in which you are totally losing yourself.

If you continue doing this, you will end up without any self-esteem and you will get into depression for not saving yourself on time.

3. You don’t want another woman to get what you made out of your partner

When two people are in a long-term relationship, there are some things that both of them learn. Even if those are just small things, they mean a lot.

You probably taught your man to put the dirty clothes into the basket or to wash the dishes after he eats.

Before he met you, he didn’t know that and you don’t want that another woman to benefit from your hard work.

But please think about it twice because it is not worth staying with him—he will never be the man of your dreams.

4. You don’t want to let go of all those happy moments together


Your relationship had good but also some bad days. Since you are still blind in love, you totally ignore all those bad things and you think of the good ones only.

That’s why you don’t want to let go of all those happy moments that the two of you shared.

You don’t want to forget those times when he wasn’t toxic to you.

You want to live in a belief that he will change and that he will love you like you deserve.

5. He sometimes shows that he loves you

But you better watch out because this is a trap: he does that when he sees that you could leave him.

This is just a way to control you by telling you that he is guilty for some things but that he is willing to change because of you and your love.

He will use all kind of tricks to convince you that your place is with him and that nobody will love you like he does.

6. You are afraid to live without him

Since the two of you were in a long-term relationship, you don’t have a clue what your life will be after you leave him.

So, you feel much safer being with him even if he is toxic and you know that.

You were too long in that relationship and you no longer know how to behave in public without him.

Even if this sounds strange, it happens to many women in toxic relationships.