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6 Reasons She Will Leave You Even If She Loves You

6 Reasons She Will Leave You Even If She Loves You

When this girl loves you, she will give you everything she has.

She will give you her heart, she will let you in and she will put in an incredible amount of effort for the two of you to work out.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that her patience will be endless. That doesn’t mean she will be blind to the way you are treating her or that she will stick with you, despite the fact that you don’t deserve her.

Yes, this girl loves you. But she loves herself even more.

And that is why she will walk away from you without a second thought, even if she loves you, the moment she sees you are not the man for her.

You are immature

One of the first reasons every strong woman will walk away from you, despite all the love she might feel for you, is if you don’t act like the grown-ass man she needs by her side.

This girl won’t tolerate you being an immature mama’s boy because she doesn’t need a child—she needs a life partner.

She wants to have a mature man who will be strong enough to walk through life shoulder to shoulder with her and if this is something you can’t do, she will leave you as soon as she sees it.

Playing games

This one goes hand in hand with being immature. No real woman will put up with you trying to play mind games for long.

It is possible that she will give you a chance but as soon as she sees right through you—that’s it.

Remember—she always wants to know where she stands and she doesn’t have the time or energy for you to try to manipulate her or for your hot and cold games.

So if you plan on treating her like your second choice or if you plan on playing hard to get, think again.

No matter how much she loves you, if she sees that you are trying to play with her mind or with her heart, she won’t be giving you any second chances.

You disrespect her

Disrespect is another thing this woman will never put up with. Don’t get me wrong—she won’t ask for much from you.

But what she wants is for you to respect and appreciate her and everything she’s done for your relationship. She definitely won’t put up with you diminishing or insulting her.

She won’t put up with you trying to behave as if you are in any way above her or if you show her that you don’t value everything she has given you.

Because this girl knows that there cannot exist love without mutual respect. And she knows that you can’t love her if you disrespect her in any way, even if you claim you do.

You don’t put any effort in

This girl loves you—there is no doubt about that. But that certainly doesn’t mean that she will be the only one trying in this relationship.

It doesn’t mean that she is ready to give you her everything while receiving nothing in return.

You are too jealous

If you are involved with a strong and independent girl, you need to know that she existed before you entered her life. And this doesn’t change with the fact that she loves you now.

She will never accept you being possessively jealous or trying to cage her in any way. She won’t allow you to limit her freedom or independence.

Yes, the two of you are a couple and trust me, she will act accordingly but that doesn’t mean she ceases to be the individual she was before she met you.

You put her down

This girl is made for big things. And she isn’t cocky but she knows this. She sees her worth and she knows how much she is capable of.

She will never settle for someone who doesn’t see this or who treats her like she isn’t enough.

That means that putting her down or holding her back are not options if you want to keep a place in her life.

The last thing this girl needs is someone who will be intimidated by her greatness or strength.