Ever since this girl stopped being a part of your life, you keep wondering why she walked away from you. You knew how much she loved you and you could never imagine her having the courage to take this step.

But this was exactly what she did—she left you in the past, where you belong. She left you without a fight and without a clear explanation.

And the worst part is that she appears to be sure about her decision. You’ve tried to reach out to her but without any success.

It looks like she has no doubts about it and it looks like she doesn’t plan on coming back to you, despite you begging her to give you another chance. It looks like she moved on and you can’t seem to accept this.

Well let me tell you something; you are right about one thing—her decision is final and she doesn’t even think about going back to you. What you might not be aware of and what you might refuse to accept is that she had a damn good reason to leave you.

She didn’t make this decision overnight. No, she thought about it for years—you just weren’t there to see it.

Yes, you were physically present in her life but you never cared about the things she had been trying to make you understand. You weren’t paying attention to the signals she was sending you and to the things she was telling you about.

You didn’t see how hard she tried to make this relationship work. You didn’t see all the effort she was putting in for the two of you to be happy.

You didn’t see how she lowered her standards just to be with you. How she made compromises with herself. How she tried hard to please you and how she tried to make you happy, even when that was making her feel miserable.

You didn’t see how she spent years justifying you and your behavior. You didn’t hear it when she begged you to change, when she begged you to pay attention to her feelings and needs.

You didn’t see that your behavior was hurting her more than she would have liked to admit. You didn’t hear her crying herself to sleep every night when you turned your back on her.

You didn’t see the humiliation and disappointment in her eyes each time you showed her that she wasn’t enough for you. You didn’t see that she had stopped smiling. You didn’t see that you were breaking her heart more and more with each day.

And most of all—you never saw this girl’s true worth. All of this time, you acted like you didn’t know that you should be happy to have someone like her by your side. That you’d never meet anyone like her if you let her go.

You never saw that you should have been proud and grateful for the fact that this unique and strong woman had chosen to share her life with you.

Until she saw it herself. And that is why she left you—she saw both of you clearly for the first time ever.

She saw that she was more than enough. She saw all of her qualities. She saw how strong and powerful she actually was and that it was about time for her to use that strength.

And when that happened, she also saw that she didn’t need you in her life. She saw that she had spent years settling for a man who had done nothing to deserve a place in her life. With a man who did nothing except put her down and hold her back.

She saw that you didn’t deserve her. That you would never change your ways and that the only thing she needed to do was walk away from you.

And that was exactly what she did. She packed her bags and before you knew it, she was gone.

For the first time ever, she wasn’t scared of her life without you. She knew that she would make it and that you were just an emotional burden to her. She knew she had the strength to move on, as if you were never a part of her life. She knew she had the strength to heal her broken heart.

And she knew that you would go looking for her, the moment you saw that you’d lost her. She knew that you would come begging for her to come back.

And that was exactly what happened. So I guess it’s just your loss. Because the last thing she plans on doing is going back to someone who never saw her true worth.