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6 Reasons To Reconsider A Relationship With A Sigma Male

6 Reasons To Reconsider A Relationship With A Sigma Male

He’s charming, intelligent and not your average male that you see every day on the street. Yes, I’m talking about the sigma male. He’s so different from anyone you’ve ever met. You might even think of him as intimidating and hard to understand but let me tell you that if you have met this type of man, then you know that he’s destined for great things.

If you have the possibility of being in a relationship with a sigma male, and you’ve decided against it, you should reconsider your choice. Maybe you’ve decided to start a relationship without being able to realize what you’ve got yourself into, or you’ve made up your mind to never see him again even though he is the perfect match for you.

No matter what the case is, you should read the following reasons to reconsider your relationship with a sigma male. He might change your life.

1. He won’t talk to you until he figures out what he’s feeling a certain way and why

In relationships, communication really is the most important part but in a relationship with a sigma male, communication goes in a different direction. If you two have a fight he’ll go off into his own space to think. He won’t come back to you to fight with you, yell or listen to what you have to say. He’d rather examine his own feelings and come to you after he has realized why he’s feeling that way. It’s easier for him because he will know exactly what behavior, at what given time, made him mad but it’s also very difficult because at the time you need to talk to him, he’ll walk away.

2. He’ll try to analyze you

Just like he analyzes himself, he does that with everyone else around him. The thing is that doing something like this means that he’ll try to read your mind, which can be frustrating. You won’t get the chance to explain yourself to him because he’ll come up with his own theories why you’re feeling or thinking a certain way. It will include your childhood and the way your parents made you feel. I know that it doesn’t make any sense but he read a ton of books that made him think he has the right to psychoanalyze you.

3. He’s irresistible

He’s so irresistible and mysterious. Every woman is trying to find out what’s hiding behind that wonderful smile and those charming eyes. The way he talks and walks makes you believe that you were seduced by a higher being, because he’s so different. He doesn’t talk much but when he opens his mouth the words that come out are always so intriguing. He’s simply the most attractive type of man there is.

4. He takes his alone time very seriously

I mean, let’s be honest. We all need our alone time and we all have certain times of the day when we don’t want to talk or socialize. The thing with a sigma is that he takes this a bit too far. Whenever he’s upset, or he has to think about something, or when he simply feels overwhelmed by everything, he goes into his shell and he doesn’t let anyone near him. He can make you feel unwelcome and unwanted but in reality he just wants someone who’ll appreciate his alone time.

5. Despite everything, he will treat you well

I know that I have made him sound like a complete jerk but believe me—he isn’t. Just because he is a bit different it doesn’t mean that he’s an asshole. Because he tries to analyze everything to the core, he knows that you are very sensitive and he knows that he will miss you if you leave. He knows that you are a valuable and precious woman who he has to cherish and treat well in order for you to stay by his side and he’ll do anything to make you feel loved and protected. He wants you to be happy.

6. You’ll have to be patient

He really is hard to understand but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get the hang of it. He’s different from everyone else but that’s exactly what makes him so wonderful. He’s not like every other man who tries to insult and manipulate women, he has no need for that. But rather he is going to respect you with his own way of doing things. He’s not aggressive. You might find him hard to understand from time to time and sometimes it will feel like he’s driving you crazy. But once you understand him completely, you’ll be happy and you’ll finally be able to love him and to let yourself be loved.