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Kindness Was Not Her Weakness, It Was Her Strength

Kindness Was Not Her Weakness, It Was Her Strength

You chose her because she was successful, gregarious and empathetic by nature. That same level of altruism she showed toward others was the same level she had for you. You knew she was special, you knew she was unique, yet you chose to take advantage of her nurturing nature.

Your perception of her compassion and kindness as some sort of personality flaw or deficit drove you to pass up on what could have been the ‘real deal’. Instead, you settled for much less.

When you are in your bed, alone, you will be haunted by the innumerable acts of kindness bestowed upon you. Those ‘no-strings-attached’ acts of kindness will echo in your brain and haunt your mind.

· You will remember SHE was the kind of girl who gave of herself endlessly and who expected nothing in return.

· You will remember SHE was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on.

· You will remember SHE was the girl who nursed you back to health when you were sick.

· You will remember SHE was the girl who gave you late-night back rubs because she knew you needed them.

· You will remember SHE was your number one cheerleader, who constantly motivated you with her fiery spirit.

· You will remember even after working long hours and after taking care of others, SHE always made sure dinner was ready for you when you walked in the door.

· You will remember the time SHE purchased Mother’s Day flowers for your mother because you could not be bothered.

· You will remember those sweet letters SHE hid in your suitcase when you traveled on business.

· You will remember HER inspiring words and speeches she shared with you prior to your job interviews.

· You will remember how SHE listened to your every word and how she would try to understand your outlandish behavior—never being judgmental but instead gracious and understanding.

· You will remember SHE knew her kindness was rare in this world of selfishness—she was selfless.

· You will remember how SHE told you how handsome you were and you responded by telling her she wore too much make-up.

· You will remember the many nights SHE spent crying on the bathroom floor out of frustration for you. Frustration that you could not understand what it meant to be kind.

· You will remember SHE knew that in order to make relationships work, kindness, a simple act of humanity, should be practiced daily.

· You will remember SHE was kind because she loved you.

· You will remember how you took advantage of her kindness and treated her as your doormat.

· You will remember SHE encouraged you to show kindness to others.

· You will remember her face when she told you she loved you and you said nothing in return.

· You will remember what healing powers come from kindness.

· You will remember after a long day at work you were happy to see her face and hear those words of encouragement.

· You will remember SHE was never disrespectful when responding to your negativity.

· You will remember that you are so misguided for seeing her kindness as a weakness.

It will happen when you pass her on the street and she smiles at you. You will remember you are nothing but a pitiful waste of space for finding pleasure in putting a genuine person like her down. You will see you are nothing but a sorry excuse for a human being. SHE on the other hand, will be more understanding and will see you as someone who still has the potential for goodness.

You will remember you will never find another like her. SHE is a rare breed in this selfish world we live in today. People like her exhibit strength, gracefulness and compassion. People like her deserve the BEST in an equal partnership. People like you who see her kindness and compassion as weaknesses have absolutely no right to be a part of her life.

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”- Mark Twain.