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6 Shady Reasons Why Your Narcissistic Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You

6 Shady Reasons Why Your Narcissistic Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You

He wants to use you for his sick games

Even if your narcissistic ex is no longer a part of your life, he will do everything in his power to be close to you.

You see, you may have ended your relationship but he doesn’t accept that. 

He doesn’t accept the fact that you are no longer his victim he will use as he wants.

He can’t cope with the fact that he can’t suck all your energy out and make you feel miserable just so he could feel better. He can’t accept that you decided to move on. 

That’s why he will act like a person you don’t recognize just to crawl back to you. Since he is good at psychology, he won’t do it right away.

He will leave you for a couple of days so that you start thinking more about him. 

And when you are the most vulnerable, when you are alone in the middle of the night, he will text you with how he misses you.

He will make up a story so sad that your empathetic soul will probably fall for it. 

But what he is doing is just leading you on and getting what he wants. He doesn’t want to love you, he wants to suck you dry and once he finishes with you, just move on to another victim. 

He can’t stand the fact that YOU ended the relationship 

He was the dominant one all the time in your relationship while you obeyed all his rules.

Your voice couldn’t be heard and you did exactly what he wanted. 

You were all he wanted you to be but all of a sudden, something changed. You decided to put a full stop to your relationship. 

You woke up from a dream and you refused to be abused by the man you loved the most.

You ruined all his plans by leaving him and that is the main reason he will always pursue you. 

He won’t give you any peace because he has nobody to abuse anymore.

You hurt his ego, the thing that is most important to him, and that is something he will never forgive you for. 

That’s why he will always be there, wherever you go. He will try to do everything in his power to ruin your life just because things didn’t work out like he wanted.

So, when he comes and tells you he wants to be your friend, don’t buy it. 

Please don’t buy it because giving him a chance to be close to you again is like giving him another bullet to kill you because he missed the first time. 

He wants to keep you close so he can break up with you

If you end a relationship with a narcissist, chances are that he will pursue you later.

You see, he can’t stand the fact that you got all that power all of a sudden and that you decided to assert yourself with him. 

He was the strong one in your relationship while you were the submissive one. But you changed and it happened without his approval. 

And surprising him in this way is definitely not what he wanted. That’s why he will do anything to stay friends with you.

By remaining your friend, he will have one more chance to hurt you. 

He will get another chance to brainwash you and if he is good enough, you will believe him.

If he acts well, you will go back to him and you will suffer again. If he tells you the perfect lies, all will be the same again. 

That’s why you shouldn’t let him come close to you. You shouldn’t believe what he has to say.

You should run as soon as you see him because he won’t waste any time. 

He will act fast. He will use every moment to deceive you. He will try to grab you with his claws once more.

Please be strong and don’t let that happen. 

He can’t stand seeing you be happy 

Your narcissistic ex can’t stand seeing you be happy without him. He knows that you will recover with your friends and that you will forget all about him. 

That’s why he will use every single moment to be close to you so he can brainwash you again.

He will tell you something sweet, something he knows you will fall for, to win you over again. 

At first, he will look like he has changed but if you give him another chance, he will just continue from where he stopped.

He will use you and abuse you as soon as he sees that you have given him all the control again. 

That’s why you should be persistent and not allow him to come into your life again.

He ruined your life once and he will do it again if you let him. 

So, whatever you do, stay away from him and focus on your healing. Your only way of salvation is being as far as you can from him. 

He wants to have sexual access 

Another reason your narcissistic ex wants you to be friends is that he wants to have sexual access.

If you remain his friend, he will eventually use the situation to try to sleep with you. 

And that is definitely not what you need right now. After you have gained the strength to walk away from him, don’t ruin everything by going back to him and his narcissistic abuse tactics. 

He will just use you and throw you away, just like he did the last time.

You will end up heartbroken, not knowing what to do next. Your head will be a mess and you will regret going back to him so much. 

That’s why you shouldn’t accept his invitation, no matter how cute or sweet he might be. Don’t give him boyfriend benefits if he is not your boyfriend. 

Because once you enter that hell again, you won’t be able to come out of it. Stay strong and don’t go back to him anymore.

Trust me, that is the best way.  

He wants control over you again 

He once had control over you and he felt almighty. But when you left him, his whole world fell apart.

He couldn’t believe you were strong enough to do something like that. 

But you did and he is like a wounded wolf, licking his wounds and trying to come up with a plan to win you back.

Because he doesn’t miss you, he misses having control over you. 

His personality disorder makes it impossible for him to act like a normal person.

He needs to hurt someone in order for him to feel good. 

And the easiest way was to hurt you, the one who loved him to the moon and back. He had all the control he wanted and he wants it back. 

That’s why he will try to use any means necessary to win you over again.

He will tell you that he has changed and that he will treat you better. He will lie that he loves you and that he doesn’t want to lose you. 

But the real truth is that he is just trying to find a good way to sneak back into your life again so he can abuse you both mentally and physically. Please don’t let him get away with this and stay away from him.

Give yourself a chance for a new life and forget all about him. 

Someone else will know how to cherish all the love and affection you have. Someone else will love you like your ex never knew how.