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6 Things She’ll Never Miss About You

6 Things She’ll Never Miss About You

After many years wasted on a relationship in which she was settling for less, this girl finally got the courage to walk away from you.

I bet this was the last thing you expected but she really did it; she really gave you what you had coming a while ago, she turned her back on you and left you in the past.

However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss you.

After all, you were a huge part of her life for so long that it would be unnatural if she could wipe you from her memory just like that.

Nevertheless, there are some parts of your relationship she is glad she managed to get rid of, some things about you she’ll never miss and here 6 of them.

Your emotional distance

This girl won’t miss the way she felt like she was all alone in this relationship.

She won’t miss the way you were always cold-hearted, the way you were never actually present and the way you were emotionally distant.

She doesn’t want to go back to the times when she had to beg for crumbs of your love and attention.

She doesn’t want to go back to being emotionally neglected by the person she loved the most, back to being half-loved and disregarded.

Your false excuses

Another thing this girl is definitely better off without is your endless deceptions.

She certainly won’t miss the way you never knew how to take responsibility, the way you were always putting all the blame on her and the way you kept giving her excuses for your shitty behavior.

Luckily, she is now smarter and knows better.

Now she sees that every word you ever said to her was nothing but a horrible lie.

Your empty promises

Whenever this girl was about to walk away from you, you found a reason to make her stay.

Every time she decided to give up on you, you begged for a second chance, for just another opportunity to make things better.

However, all of your promises turned out to be empty.

You kept repeating all of your mistakes and you would go back to your old ways as soon as you’d see that she was ready to take you back.

So, this is definitely not something she misses about your relationship.

She doesn’t miss giving you the green light to keep on hurting her and she certainly doesn’t miss being a fool who forgave you for all of your crap.

Your lack of effort

Let’s face it—you never put any effort into making this relationship work.

You never put any effort into building it and you were never truly scared of losing this girl.

Well, now that you’re gone, she won’t miss being the only one who fought for the relationship.

She won’t miss being the only one trying while you couldn’t care less.

All the sleepless nights

One of the things this girl is, without a doubt, way better off without is the numerous sleepless nights she spent because of you.

And I’m not talking about the wild times which kept her up—I’m talking about all those nights she spent alone in her bed, crying herself to sleep; the nights she fell asleep, desperately waiting for you to come and pick her up, like you promised; the nights she spent wondering whether you were with some other girl and the nights she spent questioning your emotions and your entire relationship.

Yes, she might be hurt and heartbroken right now.

However, at least she sleeps peacefully, knowing that she’s made the right choice.

The excitement

To be honest, the first thing that attracted this girl to you was the thrill you were bringing along.

It was a roller coaster of emotions: the fact that she never knew what to expect the next day, the way you challenged her in more than one way and the butterflies you managed to wake up in her stomach.

Yes, the truth is she felt as if she was on top of the world while she was holding your hand.

However, every time you let it go, it felt like she was falling into the deepest despair possible.

I bet this is something you will be surprised to hear but the excitement you caused is something she misses the least.

Instead, she prefers to suffer but to do it calmly and she prefers her inner peace over having you.