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6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend About Your Ex

6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend About Your Ex

When you’re starting a new relationship, it’s normal to want to share everything with the guy you are seeing, more and more as time goes by.

You will be getting closer and closer and you will want to tell him as much about yourself as possible and vice versa.

But sometimes, it’s necessary to have boundaries. It’s amazing when you find a guy who makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t tell him but when it comes to the ex-files, there is such a thing as oversharing.

Clearly, you both have a past and you’ve both dated other people, so it’s normal to explore that and familiarize each other with your past experiences.

But there are certain things you might want to avoid telling your boyfriend when it comes to your ex, and here are those instances:

Any type of comparison between your current BF and your ex

Guys have feelings, too. You don’t want your man to feel like he constantly has to live up to your expectations based on how your ex handled certain situations, right?

So, don’t tell him about your ex in terms of him doing something better. It will only make him feel less than. After all, there’s a reason you broke up. Let your man pave his own way to your heart.

Any intimate details regarding your sex life or your ex’s manhood

This is really simple. Your current boyfriend does not want to know about anyone else’s intimate relationships with his girlfriend (you).

Of course, you need to be upfront if there is something he needs to know about your sexual health but please, spare him the details.

He doesn’t need to know the size of your ex’s thing or how often you did it. All he is interested in is making you and your joint life a happy one and anything else is unnecessary information, really.

The details of how you two met

Your BF doesn’t want to hear all about the day when you fell for some other guy. It doesn’t matter that it’s over, he still doesn’t need to hear you lovingly tell him about the romantic way your ex swept you off your feet.

It won’t sit well with him, so unless he specifically asks, avoid telling that story.

Anything about his financial situation

This is a sensitive topic for guys. No matter how much of a jerk your ex was, if you tell your boyfriend how much money he made and about the pricey gifts he bought you, it will only give him the wrong impression.

Why would you have been dating a guy you didn’t like who was also a jerk? It will make it seem like you only stayed for his money and you know that’s not the case. Just drop any money-related comparisons and it’ll be fine.

Your friends liking him

He is probably already trying to leave a good impression on your friends, so it will only hit his confidence if he hears how great your ex got along with all of them.

It’s already hard enough for him, because he really wants your girls to like him, so hearing about how much they liked your ex will do no good.

Let him get to know your crew and develop a nice bond with them organically. He doesn’t need to feel like he has to compare with your ex in every field.

Trash-talking your ex

This is never a good idea. First, if you keep talking about him (whether it’s good or bad) it will leave the impression that there are some lingering feelings there.

So make sure to tone it down. Even if you’re trying to make a funny remark about your ex in any way, make sure it’s not too harsh.

Your current BF is not going to like the fact that you’re talking trash about someone you once dated. How is he to know that you won’t do the same if you two ever break up?

Keep the ‘ex talk’ to a minimum and focus on the guy in front of you. There’s a reason your ex is in your past.