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7 Alarming Signs He Is Emotionally Using You

7 Alarming Signs He Is Emotionally Using You

Being emotionally used doesn’t feel nice at all. You catch yourself totally falling for a guy and he doesn’t even show any signs of affection or love.

So, you end up confused because you don’t know whether you should continue trying to win him over or you should just leave it all.

It is very hard to see these signs, especially at the beginning of a relationship but if you want to know more about them, keep reading.

1. He doesn’t talk about the future

If your man never talks about future plans with you, chances are that he is emotionally using you.

He just feels good being with you right now but he is not planning to marry you or to have kids with you.

What you need to do is ask him directly what his plans regarding you are, since you are not planning to wait for him to get his shit together.

If he refuses to talk about the future with you, it is a sure-fire sign that he is using you and you shouldn’t waste your time with him anymore.

2. He is not affectionate

When was the last time he hugged you and told you he loves you? When was the last time he made you feel special? I know, you can’t even remember, right?

A man like this is with you just because he feels good about it but he isn’t planning on devoting himself totally to you.

Instead, he will just use you because you are good for some things but not good enough for him to marry you.

If you don’t feel nice and desirable in this kind of a relationship, you shouldn’t even try to make things better.

If he is not capable of doing something about it, you shouldn’t worry about it either.

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3. He calls you only when he needs you

If you have that constant feeling that your guy is calling you only when he needs you, you should think twice about if he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

If he is not your support when you need him the most, then he surely doesn’t deserve you.

4. He talks about other girls

A man like that is just using you emotionally and he will never be a man you can be happy with.

He just takes care of his needs only and he will never provide you with the love you truly deserve. So, the sooner you leave him the better it will be for you.

When you are with him he always talks about other girls, about how successful and beautiful they are.

So you stand there and feel like shit because the man you are head over heels in love with talks about other girls with admiration and he never talks about you in that way.

Behavior like that is simply humiliating and you shouldn’t put up with something that makes you feel bad.

I am not saying that he shouldn’t talk about other girls but if you feel bad about his words he should stop it.

He needs to know that you are his priority and his girlfriend and that he has to get his act together if he wants to keep you in his life.

5. He isn’t romantic at all

Do you remember the last time your man did something romantic for you? I didn’t think so.

I am not saying he should make surprises for you every single day but you deserve some recognition on your birthday or on Valentine’s Day for example.

If he doesn’t even remember your birthday and he makes zero effort to make you feel special, you should ask yourself what you are doing with a person like that.

If you want a boyfriend who will cherish you and respect you the way you truly deserve, I suggest you leave him and start focusing on yourself. Trust me, you will never be truly happy with a man like that.

6. He doesn’t have any deep conversations with you

If your man acts like you are there to fulfill his wishes only and he never talks seriously with you, you should be worried because it is a proven sign that he is just using you.

He probably doesn’t feel anything for you and you are there just to fill a void.

And that is surely not what one woman deserves. You should have a loving and caring partner who will show you that he loves you.

You don’t need someone who will just come home to eat, change his clothes and go out with his friends, totally ignoring you.

No woman should put up with something like this and nor should you.

7. You feel something is not right

You are a woman. You can feel things deeply. If your gut tells you something is off, it probably is.

If you feel that the relationship you have is not a good one, it probably isn’t.

There are some reasons why you feel that way and even if you don’t see things clearly, you can definitely feel them.

Whenever you feel that you are not yourself in a relationship with someone, that is an instant red flag to leave that person.

If your man doesn’t want to make any effort to improve your relationship then you should just let him go. Trust me, a man like that is not worth the effort.