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7 Most Common Signs That Say He Is Mr. Wrong

7 Most Common Signs That Say He Is Mr. Wrong

1. He only cares about one person and one person only – himself.

He and his needs always come first. It’s ok to be your own priority but he takes it too far. He is plain selfish. He actually believes that you are lucky to have him. You can detect that in his behavior.

He only comes around when he finds it convenient. He wants you to bend over backward to please him but he won’t do anything to accommodate you.

2. His middle name is LAZY.

The man has no ambition. He is unable to hold on to a job for long. He expects you to always pick up the bill wherever you go. He often borrows money from you. He will probably spend the rest of his life living with his mother.

Even if you end up marrying him, you will end up being the only one supporting the family. Being a little lazy from time to time is something everyone does. But Mr. Wrong is the epitome of lazy and he will never change.

3. He is a commitment phobe.

He says he is not into labels, so he never introduces you as his girlfriend. He never makes plans for you to go somewhere or to see each other in advance. With him, every arrangement is made at the last minute.

He changes the topic every time your future is brought up. He always seems to have one foot out of the door. He is not there with you with his whole heart and he is probably not the one to stay forever.

4. He doesn’t value you.

Mutual respect should be something as normal as breathing when it comes to any human relationship, especially love relationships. But he doesn’t behave like that at all. He is taking you for granted and using the love you have for him against you.

If he puts you down every chance he gets and makes you feel less, he is not the man for you. Don’t fall for the excuses he gives you later. He hurt you and all the sugarcoating later won’t suffice.

5. He doesn’t invest in the relationship.

You are always the one who gives more and puts more effort into the relationship. You keep expecting his best but at the end of the day, you only get his worst—half-assed promises of change, crumbs of affection, fractions of his time, drops of love.

He simply doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t stay with someone who doesn’t see your worth. You deserve much more love and respect.

6. He doesn’t share your values.

It seems like you can’t agree on anything that is important to you. You are religious he is not. You want marriage and kids; he doesn’t. You own or you would like to own a pet in the future but he won’t even hear about it.

This all doesn’t seem like much but in the future, it might cause you a lot of problems. Try to find common ground before it is too late or take a better look and see are you compatible or not.

7. He shows signs of abusive behavior

He can’t hold his temper around anybody really. He has jealous outbursts every time somebody resembling a male is in your proximity. His behavior scares you, but you are staying because he didn’t hurt you physically. At least not yet.

You shouldn’t be scared of your partner. He should be the person you feel comfortable and safe around. If he is showing signs of aggression toward you, don’t stay for a minute longer. Things can only get worse.

If you keep choosing Mr. Wrong and finding Mr. Right seems like mission impossible, you should check Stop Choosing Mr Wrong and give yourself a better chance in finding the right man next time around.