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7 Facts About Exes You Didn’t Know

7 Facts About Exes You Didn’t Know

When it comes to your love life, exes are an inevitable part of it. Some of them made us cry and curse the day we met them, some of them are still our friends and some of them we deleted a long time ago.

All in all, every ex story is a story in itself and knowing how to act properly to avoid more disappointment would be really good.

Actually, it would be awesome if our exes came with instructions on how to react when you see them and how to forget them in the shortest time span as possible.

While we still don’t have that privilege, we have another thing that might be helpful and that is some interesting facts about exes. So, here is a list of facts about exes you didn’t know that will help you take the right actions and see things more clearly!

Guys move on faster from break-ups than girls

If you’ve just broken up and you’re wondering how the hell he’s already with another chick, here’s the answer. Apparently, guys move on much faster from break-ups than girls and the reason why is the following.

You know how guys are taught to show their macho side all the time, that they are not allowed to cry like babies?

Well, they stick to the same regime even after a break-up. They simply delete everything they feel about their ex because they are simply not allowed to show any of it to the people around them.

They don’t want to be accused of behaving like ‘a pussy’ and that is why they find themselves in a rebound relationship sooner than you might have expected.

You shouldn’t stay friends with your ex on social media

Many people right after a break-up tend to stalk their exes on every single social media out there. They become obsessed to be updated on their every single post and like. And that’s the biggest shortcut to becoming even more frustrated and miserable.

That is why you should definitely not stay friends with your ex on social media. If you do, you will just prolong the healing time. You know what they say: ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

So, the less you think about them, the closer you’ll be to fully recover from a break-up. Summarized, the less you stalk them on social media, the less you’ll think about them and the closer you’ll be to fully recover.

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You should move out soon after the break-up

Some people think that if they keep living with their ex, things might change as well. But this is the biggest mistake you could make.

You should move out soon after the break-up because otherwise you will just waste your time and prolong the pain.

After a break-up, it is best to have some time for yourself and forget about everything. It’s the only way to heal your broken heart.

And if you keep dwelling in the same premises as him, you will practically be unable to ever move on and start the healing process.

If you want to get your ex back, no contact is the best way

Sometimes, when people want to get their ex back, they start doing things that make them appear desperate and frustrated. They send millions of text messages to their ex in the hope that they will respond and show mercy.

Then they tend to stalk them on every social media (as already mentioned above) or they even stalk them in real life.

They don’t know about the power of the no contact rule. So, if you want to get your ex back, no contact is the best way to do it.

Just delete them from all of your social networks, don’t be tempted to ever text them, live your life to the fullest, wait and be patient. The no contact rule will work wonders, I can promise you that.

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Talking about your ex may help you connect with your new partner

No matter how bizarre it sounds, talking about your ex to your new partner may help you feel closer to them and establish a great connection.

It is because while you’re talking about your ex, you’re actually revising things and comparing your new relationship to the previous one.

And that moment when you realize you’re ten times happier in today’s relationship helps you to deeply connect with your new partner.

You help them feel great about themselves and you show appreciation for what you have, which is crucial for every healthy relationship.

Talking trash about your ex can help you to move on quicker

Here’s another version of ‘talking therapy’. When you just break up with someone (and even months later after that), you have this urge to talk trash about your ex (if they deserve it) to your friends and family who are familiar with the matter.

But while doing so, you certainly didn’t know that talking trash about your ex can help you move on quicker. Yup.

When you’re talking about them, you’re actually getting rid of all the negativity that your body and mind has to get rid of in order to start healing.

So, the next time you feel guilty about doing it, just remember that it is for the greater good and it’s helping you heal .

It’s best to keep your distance from your ex’s family

Think of a situation where you started dating someone new and their ex is still literally best friends with their family. If that happens, you know that they will be comparing you to their ex all the time, which would be unbearable.

So, for the sake of their next partner, it is best to keep your distance from your ex’s family. And this will also benefit you because you certainly don’t want to be updated on your ex’s every move by his parents.

The only way to definitely move on is to cut contact with his entire family and your ex as well.