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7 Real Reasons Why You Haven’t Met His Parents (Yet)

7 Real Reasons Why You Haven’t Met His Parents (Yet)

You’ve been having a great time with your new guy for some time now and everything seems idyllic.

You always spend as much time as possible together and you’re always being honest with each other.

You’ve also met his friends and your girls are literally jealous of your perfect relationship.

But there is one thing that still worries you: you haven’t met his parents.

He’s surely talked to you about them, but you still haven’t actually met them.

You feel like something’s just not right (especially if he’s already met your family), but it is really awkward to ask why he doesn’t want you to meet his family as well.

Should you be alarmed and start suspecting his true intentions? Maybe (or maybe not). Here are 7 real reasons why you haven’t met his parents (yet)!

1. He’s not sure about your feelings

You might have acted a little bit hot and cold for some time and now he’s not really sure about your feelings.

So, the main reason why he hasn’t introduced you to his parents yet is because he’s waiting to be sure of your affections.

After all, meeting the parents is a big step for your relationship and if you keep sending him mixed signals, he will only get confused and prolong it.

In that situation, the only thing you need to do is to assure him of your affection toward him.

2. Your relationship isn’t that serious yet

Is your relationship serious or is it just a roller coaster? No matter how much time you’ve spent together so far, perhaps your relationship needs more time to reach the level of being called serious.

Some couples need more time to develop a healthy, stable relationship and perhaps that’s the real reason why he hasn’t introduced you to his family yet.

If your relationship is full of up-and-down scenarios and then conciliations, it means it is not stable and it needs more time to reach its full potential.

If that is the case, you shouldn’t worry about it because I’m sure that with time, everything will fall into place.

3. He’s afraid things will change

Many guys are afraid that things will change in their relationship once they introduce you to their parents.

They think that their woman will immediately expect them to pop the question and bring their relationship to another level.

So, he might be afraid that you will become impatient in the relationship and expect him to do some things he’s not really ready for yet.

And that’s one of the possible reasons why he still hesitates to introduce you to his family.

He wants to keep things as they are and once he becomes sure that he needn’t worry about things changing, he will definitely ask you to meet his parents and close ones.

4. He still hasn’t gotten over his past relationship

Perhaps his parents need more time to process what happened with his previous relationship.

If they’ve met his previous girlfriend, the chances are they still haven’t gotten over the outcome of his past relationship.

And that is why they need more time to go through all of it and your guy knows it very well, but it is just too awkward for him to admit it.

But, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. With time, they will meet you and the moment they see you, they will instantly forget everything about his previous girlfriend (I can guarantee you that).

5. He’s planning on breaking up with you

Sadly, sometimes the real reason why he hasn’t introduced you to his family is because he’s actually planning on breaking up with you, so he doesn’t see the point of you meeting them.

You will know that this is the case if you notice some red flags in your relationship, such as his constant absence, peculiar behavior, no intimacy, or if he tells you that something’s not right.

But, don’t be alarmed just yet. The best way to find it out is to simply ask him what the hell is going on and once you know for sure, you can act accordingly.

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6. He’s embarrassed by them (or you)

Well, not everyone’s parents are gangsta cool like Robert de Niro and that may be the reason why he doesn’t want you to meet them.

He might be embarrassed by his parents for various reasons, which prevents him from introducing you to them.

Or, he might be embarrassed by you. He might be afraid of their parents’ reaction once they meet you if you’re not “according to their standards” or if you’re not selective with your words, which may be a real issue.

If the former is the case, you shouldn’t really worry about it. But, if it’s the latter, you can always work on yourself and improve things in no time.

7. He isn’t that close to his family

Perhaps he isn’t really that close to his family or they live far away from him, which means he himself rarely sees them.

If he’s not that connected with them, he won’t really care about you meeting them, which is nothing you should be concerned about.

When the time comes, I’m sure he will want you to meet them, but for now he’s okay with things as they are.

And that is why you should be chilled about it as well. After all, it is him that you’re in a relationship with and meeting his parents shouldn’t be a prerequisite to your happiness.