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Understanding A Strong Woman’s Love

Understanding A Strong Woman’s Love

Strong women are not deterred by danger or pain. They are valiant, daring and lion-hearted souls.

Strong women strive to be on the cover of Forbes or in the Fortune 500.

Yet all too often, men consider strong women to be pushy, mouthy, cold-hearted, insensitive, or mean-spirited when it comes to relationships, both personal and within the workplace.

Little does the male species know that a strong woman can juggle the difficult decisions involved with her job and still have plenty of love and energy to share with her mate. Share being the keyword!

Strong women can be successful at work and still maintain a loving and nurturing relationship; however, a strong woman expects her partner to take a shared responsibility in the relationship.

I should know because I am one such woman. I have a good job, I am able to provide for myself, and I have never played the ‘damsel in distress’ card.

However, all too frequently I find that the men I date have a difficult time dealing with a strong female partner.

Oh yes, they like the fact that I can be independent financially but they seem to have issues when I voice my opinions and concerns on other matters.

I can do it all. I can cook, clean, work a full-time job and still have time to please my man.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a man who can appreciate my strength because my strength is what enables me to be successful in business and in personal relationships.

So maybe I’m a little picky? I don’t think so. I know what I want in life and I understand how to get there. Relationships should be no different… And that’s exactly what we strong women do.

These are some of the ways strong women create loving, successful relationships.

1. A strong woman is a continual motivator

She will be enthusiastic about just about everything you do. She will be your number one cheerleader and the head coach of your team.

She will make sure every play you make is the right one and will help you accomplish any set goals you tell her.

She will be there to give you her countless words of wisdom. She does this because she is a natural-born leader and wants to see you succeed to your fullest potential.

2. A strong woman will have her own goals

Whether it be work or personal, a strong woman has her own goals, agendas and deadlines.

She makes sure to keep track of her progress every step of the way. She celebrates each achievement no matter how small, as she knows it is just a part of the overall scheme of things.

She strives to be successful at work—be it recognition by peers, her family or the public.

She certainly has no qualms about achieving notoriety by making the cover of Forbes! A strong woman knows how to give and receive constructive criticism.

3. A strong woman is not looking to deal with petty/childish behaviors

A strong woman can smell bullshit a mile away, so when you try to pass the shit off as the truth, believe me when

I say she knows EVERYTHING. She has been through hell and back when it comes to work and men.

She most likely is an insecure man’s most feared predator. She has no time for late-night shenanigans, secretive text messages or accidentally running into his ‘ex’.

4. A strong woman is not looking for a ‘casual relationship’

A strong woman does not want something for a short period of enjoyment if you know what I mean.

A strong woman wants something that has substance and character for her life.

She wants something she can build on with a willing partner. She knows how precious time can be.

She wants to maximize her time with her partner to create a strong, loving relationship that’s built on intimacy and friendship.

5. A strong woman will have a sense of humor

A strong woman will know how to make you laugh. She may have a dry sense of humor or perhaps she takes a slapstick approach.

A strong woman knows it is important to be able to laugh at herself and to help others find humor in situations. She is full of spirit and brings a smile to those in her presence.

6. A strong woman wants an equal and powerful relationship

A strong woman knows in order to make any relationship work, there needs to be equality.

She believes in sharing duties around the home. She’s the type of woman who will cook while you clean up.

She will also understand when you have to stay late at work. She doesn’t mind bringing you dinner to the office—as she would expect the same from you. She is your biggest fan and she will help you plot your road to success.

7. A strong woman will not play the damsel in distress card

Every woman loves a great fairy tale, even a strong woman loves a fairy tale now and then. A strong woman understands that fairy tales are ‘just stories’.

A strong woman takes responsibility for her relationships and she will never ask you to feel sorry for her.

She will only ask for assistance when absolutely necessary. She takes care of things immediately and doesn’t wait for her prince to save the day.

She will never admit that she cannot do something—she will always try her best to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

She will build her own fence, holding the hammer and nails, and never ask for assistance. Don’t be too alarmed if she just wants you to be a spectator to admire her hard work.

8. A strong woman is a true friend

A strong woman is the best friend you will ever have. She would give the shirt off her back to you or to anyone in need.

She’s a good listener, an active listener, and she gives excellent advice.

Her wisdom and cheery disposition will have you back on the right track in no time.

9. A strong woman will know when to walk away

A strong woman knows when the battle is lost between you two. She will not be shy of walking away from this either. A strong woman understands she cannot take full responsibility for the failure of the relationship.

As a strong woman, she will have worked hard at making the relationship be one that is positive for both parties.

She will have done everything in her power and she will have checked that list twice to make sure she was giving her all.

However, not all relationships can be saved—if both parties are not willing to come together and give and take a little, it is time to end it.

A strong woman has no problem picking herself up and moving on. Walking away can be very difficult but also very necessary because a strong woman cannot lose herself in the hope of saving a failed relationship.

Just remember that she is a strong woman, so do not expect to see her number pop up on your caller ID.

A strong woman knows what she wants in life and knows how to get there.

She understands all the hurdles she might have to endure in this dating world.

However, one thing is for certain—she understands her self-worth and that is something she can never compromise on just because of the male ego.

She understands that relationships are 50/50 and the moment you stop putting in less, that is the moment she checks out. She is strong and powerful and will love endlessly.

She will fight for you and be the best partner in crime you can ever ask for. She will never settle for less than she deserves.

So, when you even think about tackling this woman head-on, make sure you fully comprehend that she loves differently. She is strong.

  1. Juani says:

    Great article. Thank you for writing it.