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7 Reasons To Keep A Girl Who Gives You A Second Chance

7 Reasons To Keep A Girl Who Gives You A Second Chance

She believes in you enough to give you another shot

A girl like this knows that sometimes things get worse because of the timing and complexity of a situation.

She knows that we all deserve a second chance so she will try again with you.

But be careful because a girl like this is no fool. If you mess it up again, she surely won’t put up with your excuses and your crap. She won’t be there to listen to all those lies that you will tell her to win her back.

If you can’t see her worth and how amazing she is, then she won’t be the one to stay with you anymore.

She knows that she deserves better and that what you gave her was just half of what she deserves.

Therefore, she will let go of you if you are the totally wrong one for her, so she can find the one who will be her true match.

She still has strong feelings for you

Even if you hurt her, she can change the way she feels. She is still that young and naive woman who trusted you and who thought that you loved her without limitations.

And now that you have betrayed her, she is trying to find ways to fix her heart and the whole situation.

That’s why she will spend hours talking to you about the things that went wrong and she won’t give up on what you two had so easily.

By doing this, it doesn’t mean that she has low standards, low self-esteem or low self-worth; it means that she is strong enough to try again even if there is a possibility that she will suffer again.

And that, my man, is something you need to respect!

She wants you to do things differently this time

She is not giving you another shot because she is desperate and badly wants you back. She is doing that because she wants you to try doing things differently this time.

She doesn’t want history to repeat again. She just wants you to give her the love and respect that you should have given her the last time.

She doesn’t want you to love her like you did last time and this is just her way of being nice and giving you the chance to prove that you love her enough to try again.

She doesn’t easily give up on the people she loves

If you were a part of her life once, it means that you were special to her and that is something very important to her.

That’s why she will give you another chance and she will give herself all in to try to improve things with you.

She is aware of the fact that you are not perfect and that you will make some mistakes during your relationship.

But she also knows that you will do your best to make her a loved and satisfied woman.

She is willing to leave the past where it belongs

A girl like this knows that there were so many lows in your relationship but she pushes them down because of all the highs you two had.

She is willing to leave the past where it belongs and turn to the happy days that are in front of you.

But she will do all that under one condition: You have to promise her that you will be the best version of yourself and that you will never hurt her like you did before.

She will give you another chance because she is kind

She knows that we can all make mistakes but it is important whether we feel sorry for those mistakes or not.

If she sees that you are really suffering without her and that you would do anything to ease her pain, she will give you another shot.

She is still a woman who loves you and she wants to create a bright future with you. In her hurt heart there is still some bright light and hope that things will get better eventually.

That’s why you shouldn’t blow this opportunity and instead show her how much you love her.

She is letting you start again because she loves you

Don’t you see those sparkles in her eyes? Hey, this is a woman who still loves you.

After all that you did to her, she will be there for you and with her help you will be a better man—so don’t blow it this time.

Love her like you have never loved a woman before. Hug her and tell her that you love her every single day.

She deserves to be chosen because she is a woman to love.

This time, make an effort and love her like she deserves. And don’t forget that with her, this is your last chance.