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7 Reasons To “Go For It” With Your New Guy

7 Reasons To “Go For It” With Your New Guy

You two have been having a great time right from your first date till now, but you still have doubts regarding whether you should “go for it” (jump all in) with your new guy or wait for another one with whom you might be more compatible.

You are aware of the fact that the more  you grow attached to him, the bigger the chances of ending up with a broken heart.

But, that’s just how dating works. Just like poker, dating is a gambling sport where you can never be prepared for potential losses, but you can never forgive yourself for not taking a risk.

To help you with your decision to “go for it” with your new guy, here are 7 reasons to put your fears aside and give him a chance to be your new boyfriend. You’ll never know until you try!

1. You like each other a lot

You appreciate every second spent together and you simply can’t get enough of each other.

Every time you’re about to part, he says that he had a wonderful time with you and he wants to see you again.

This is the biggest indicator that you two are really into each other and it is not just on a physical basis.

So why not giving him a chance to prove himself worthy of being your boyfriend?

2. You’ll have a companion

Having a companion means having someone who understands your inner fears and desires, one who will be there for you all the time and with whom you’ll have the time of your life.

If you “go for it” with your new guy, you’ll have a companion and your connection will be much deeper than it is now.

You’ll be happy, he’ll be happy, and you’ll ooze positivity!

3. He’s given you a sign / signs

If you’re still skeptical of his intentions, think about his behavior and potential clues and signs that he might have been giving you all this time.

Does he look you in the eye all the time? Does he go out of his way to show his gentlemanly manners?

Does he always surprise you with little things, call you first, and make you feel special?

If the majority is yes, girl, all this time he’s been giving you signs that he’s crazy about you and the only thing you need to do is to make things official!

4. You might get what you always wanted

Don’t even think of telling yourself that you’ll never have what you want and your dreams will simply never be fulfilled no matter who you date.

You yourself know that this is not true.

If you don’t give him a try, you will never know whether he’s the man of your dreams and whether you’ll get what you always wanted.

Always be positive when it comes to taking risks and making your dreams come true, because it’s all in your head.

Remember that if you believe in the beauty of your dreams, you will fulfill them!

5. You’ve been putting it off too long

If you’ve had bad experiences in your past, the chances are that you won’t be willing to enter another relationship, regardless if the guy is the embodiment of a gentleman.

Doing this is a huge mistake that you will not easily forgive yourself for sometime in the near future.

You should not allow yourself to lose a nice guy only because of your past.

Let go of everything that happened before and enjoy the present, because that’s the only way to true happiness.

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6. It’s nice to have a date

If you’re still not convinced to jump all in into a new relationship, just think about the feeling of knowing that someone is waiting for you to show up and make their day.

It’s nice to have a date to places, to laugh together, to go for drinks, and to talk about your goals and dreams.

When you have someone like that, your life becomes an adventure and it is way more fun than only overthinking about “what if.”

7. All your friends have guys

I know that this one is not really a valid reason, but if all your friends have guys, you must have thought about how it would be if you were also the one with a guy.

To help you with the answer: it would be awesome!

Your connection with your friends will become so much stronger and you will create a happy little community of love, fun, and more love. So, it’s worth a try, right?