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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

There is nothing better, and there is nothing as burdening in this world as being an empath. Their ability to feel what others feel is something remarkable.

Being an empath gives you the opportunity to truly share some joy, but it also causes sorrow since you find yourself carrying other people’s burdens more often than not.

The gift of empathy also comes with high intuition—an ability to understand human emotions and perceive things that others seem to miss.

An empath should never be taken for granted, and his abilities should never be underestimated.

Look at the reasons why you should never mess with an empath, and you will see that this is true:

1. They can tell when you are not saying the truth

friends talking over coffee

Lies, deceptions and manipulations are something which an empath can easily detect.

They can sense that something is faulty in your words and that you are trying to doublecross them.

They only fail if they refuse to listen to their intuition. Luckily for them, that doesn’t happen so often.

2. They can see right through you

friends talking at the bar

Even the nicest words can be filled with bad intentions.

An empath will be able to see when your words are brutally honest and when you are pretending to be something that you are not.

Their intuition is never wrong. They are able to pick up on your vibe and that will tell them if your heart is in a good place or you are trying to mess with them

3. They don’t need you to tell them when you are sad—they know

friends whispering at the bar

Empaths actually relate to your feelings, and they know when something is off.

You might be laughing, but an empath will clearly see that there is a ton of pain behind your perfect smile .

Even if you manage to fool everybody else around you, you won’t be able to get away with this with an empath.

They will ask you what’s wrong and offer their listening ear the first chance they get.

4. They sense negativity

a girl who concentrated on talking to her boyfriend

People who carry negativity and hatred are people empaths stay away from.

They feel their anger, disapproval, prejudice and every other negative emotion these people might feel.

Other people’s emotions affect empaths big time. That’s why they don’t want people like that poisoning their souls and ruining their peace.

Close-minded people are not welcome in an empath’s life.

5. They know when you are headed in the wrong direction

faculty colleagues talk after the lecture

If you are not staying true yourself, if you are not giving your best and if you are falling back in life because of it, your empathic friend will be the first to point that out and help you find your way.

They will never give up on you; they will be there for you. They will listen and give advice. They will do their best, and they will make sure you reach your full potential.

6. They can sense when somebody is envious

friends hugging while one of them is jealous

Jealous friends won’t stay too long in an empath’s life. Empaths don’t go well with anything that is fake, envious and toxic.

They feel happy when people close to them are happy, so they can’t really understand when somebody is unable to do the same for them.

If you are their friend, you know that there is no one like them to make your good fortune, joy and success even greater. Not a lot of people can do that.

7. They never reveal all they know


friends who advise each other

Empaths always know more, way more than they are willing to admit. They read people like open books, but they don’t react to everything they detect.

They know that all wrongs are not meant to be right, so they cut people slack from time to time, and they don’t call them out on every crazy thing they do.

They are also wise beings and know that not everything demands their reaction. But if you believe you’ve gotten out of something and an empath hasn’t noticed it, think again.

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath