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7 Reasons You Are Still Struggling With Moving On

7 Reasons You Are Still Struggling With Moving On

Okay, you two broke up, and by now you should know what to do with your life after all.

But the catch is that you have no idea what to do and in which direction to go.

No matter what you do, you are still obsessed with your ex, and you can’t stop thinking about him.

Whatever you do you can’t move on, and here are some reasons why this happens to you.

You see him on a daily basis

It is hard to get over someone you once loved or you still love just like that.

It takes some alone time, but if you will be seeing him every day, then it will be even harder to get over him and move on.

Every day you see him, your old memories will come back, and you will start thinking about giving him another chance.

That’s why you should stay away from him and try not have any contact with him. That is the only way you can move on.

His things remind you of him

If you haven’t gotten rid of his mementos, it is about time to do that.

If you leave all of his stuff near you, you are risking it reminding you of him all the time. And because of that, you won’t have enough space to move on.

In fact, you won’t have any space at all.

You will be stuck in that almost relationship you don’t want to be a part of, and you won’t be happy.

That’s why you need to get rid of everything that reminds you of him and start a new chapter of your life free from all those memories.

You still can’t believe it is over

If you don’t accept the fact your relationship is over, it will be so hard for you to move on and find your happiness elsewhere.

That’s why you are still holding onto something that is not real anymore and that makes a huge problem in your life.

Because you can’t accept it is over, you are still hoping you will be together after some time.

You simply feel that is not the way your relationship should finish, and you keep hoping it will get better.

The grief lasts longer than you thought

Losing a boyfriend is like losing someone very important from your life. That is a man you shared everything with, and now you feel bad because it is over.

You are going throughout all the stages of grief, but since it was a big love, that process lasts a bit longer.

And because of that, you are struggling to move on. You simply can’t leave the past where it belongs and turn to the future.

You are still fantasizing about the two of you

You feel that at times you don’t give a damn about your ex, but at other moments, you would kill to be with him one last time.

You don’t think clearly, and as soon as you see a happy couple on the street, you start fantasizing it could be the two of you.

Then you start making plans for your future and imagining how you two could make a good life together.

And that is what is ruining you and holding you back from moving on. And that is what you really need right now.

You didn’t get closure

Not getting closure is something that can affect you a lot. If you didn’t get what you wanted, it is impossible to move on.

You can’t move on and decide to start something new if you haven’t finished your last relationship.

So before you try anything, make sure that you know why you two broke up in the first place.

After you solve all those issues, you will have zero problems, and you will be able to finally move on as you deserve.

You still have strong feelings for him

Maybe one of the most important things that is preventing you from moving on is the fact you still feel something for him.

Maybe you can’t get over him so easily, and you feel you haven’t finished with him. If you still love him, then talk and see if you can be together.

And even if you decide you won’t be together, at least you will talk and solve some things.

At least you will know you did all in your power to save what can be saved. And by knowing that, it will be easier to move on.