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7 Reasons He Left You Even If He Said He Loved You

7 Reasons He Left You Even If He Said He Loved You

Men can be so complicated sometimes. As soon as you think you know what he thinks about and how he feels about something, he surprises you but in a negative way.

It can be all fairytale one day and the next he can come to you and tell you he wants to break up. And they say women are complicated!

Most women I know have had bad luck in love, losing the man who promised them happily ever after.

He would tell them he loved them, and then he would run away without any reason.

The catch is that there was always a good reason, but they were blind in love and couldn’t see the reality around them.

That’s why I am bringing top reasons men pull away even if they say they love you.

1. He got cold feet

One of the biggest problems in a relationship is when a guy gets cold feet.

Maybe your man got worried about committing, and he realized it would be better to leave than to stay with you.

He probably saw that marriage is a big deal, and he didn’t want to mess up his life, so he ran away.

And that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he loves you. He can love you more than anything, but his fear is stronger than anything else.

2. He is not emotionally ready

Maybe your guy believed that he is ready for some serious things, but once he saw that a serious relationship brings so many new things along, he decided to put a full stop to all of that.

He realized it would be better to leave you than to give you false hope.

And he can tell you or repeat that he loves you over and over again, but if he is not emotionally ready for something serious, he won’t stay close for a long time.

It is only a matter of time when he will leave, giving you zero explanation.

3. The relationship doesn’t move on as he would want it

Guys are pretty sensitive when it comes to their relationships and what they can expect from them.

So, if he doesn’t like the way everything moves, chances are that he will leave it all.

He will run away from everything that the two of you had, and he will forget it because he is scared that he won’t be happy in life.

He is scared that he will end up with someone who is not perfect for him and that his life will be mediocre. And that is the worst punishment possible for him.

4. The relationship became torture for him

Maybe your man is in a phase of his life where he simply needs to find himself.

Maybe he needs some time to organize his life and to make priorities. And in all that mess, there is you. You who want love and affection.

You who need him to make you feel safe and to protect you. And he doesn’t know what to do with his life. So it is not a wonder that he wants to escape something like that.

If he feels threatened, he won’t stay in that kind of a relationship even if he says he loves you.

5. He doesn’t see himself with you in the future

You are probably thinking: why did he choose you in the first place if he doesn’t see himself with you, right? Well, people change, and that is what happened to him as well.

For some reason, he currently doesn’t see himself with you in the future.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He still thinks you are an amazing human being.

He is just sincere enough to tell you he can’t make you a priority currently.

Maybe he will change his mind, maybe some things will work in his favor later, but at this moment of his life, all he wants is to be alone.

6. He thinks you are taking him for granted

Maybe your man doesn’t feel good in your relationship because he believes you are taking him for granted.

Maybe he believes you are comparing him with other guys and that you are second-guessing if you want to stay with him in a relationship.

That’s why he will leave you even if he loves you. And I know that you won’t be able to understand that at first, but if you just walk in his shoes, you will see how he feels.

If he ever feels that you might like someone else and that you are taking him for granted, he will leave you, and he will never come back.

7. Your sex life is not interesting anymore

One thing that can make any guy leave you even if he loves you is a bad sex life. If things are not good underneath the sheets, then you can’t expect him to be all glowing and happy.

Sex is an essential part of every relationship, and it should be good like all the other parts.

So, if your guy sees that things are not like they used to be, chances are that he will leave until something changes.

But if he wanted you just because of that, then you really don’t need him in your life.

He should have fallen in love with your soul and not your body.