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7 Signs He’s Just Taking Advantage Of Your Kindness

7 Signs He’s Just Taking Advantage Of Your Kindness

Ohh, God. How many times have I just ignored the signs that told me that he was just taking advantage of me mistaking his actions for love.

I guess that most of us have been there: thinking that we have hit the jackpot relationship, just to realize that we have made a huge mistake by giving ourself away too much to someone who doesn’t appreciate us at all.

Yes, these people really do exist, the devils who seduce us with their dreamy eyes and make us make them a priority.

For you and all the women out there who are scared that the men they love are taking advantage of them, here are some signs and red flags to look out for:

1. He has no problem with asking for favors

Whenever he needs something he comes right to you knowing that you are going to help him.

I do know that this is something you should do in a relationship but if he’s calling you for every little thing then I do not think that that’s love.

Especially if he calls you to loan him money! To be honest, what are you giving him that he couldn’t be asking for somewhere else?

If he’s always in your house searching for food and asking you to do the stupidest tasks for him, then he really is taking advantage of you.

2. But he is never there for you

No matter whether it’s something small or something big, he is simply never there for you.

He doesn’t call you to see how you’re doing nor does he come to check on you when you’re sick.

So what happens is that he makes all those stupid excuses just to not be around you.

He can’t even bother to help you move something heavy, he’d rather sit around and wait for you to do it yourself.

3. He always wants sex

I mean, what guy doesn’t? But if the first thing he does when he comes to your house is take your bra off then that’s not really something you should be happy about.

You might be too hot to resist but there is a bigger chance that he is taking advantage of you and he simply can’t have a meaningful conversation first.

4. He disappears and cancels dates

Whenever you two go out with your friends, he simply disappears, telling you that he feels like he’s not fitting in with the crowd.

He never stays the night at your house and he’s just never there.

Also, he cancels your dates when he doesn’t feel like going out but when he calls you, he gets mad if you can’t go out. So, double standards much?

5. He never compromises

He doesn’t really bother to compromise with you. It’s the way he wants it his way or no way at all.

It gets frustrating at times because he is too stubborn for you to talk sense to him.

He is always the one making decisions and he doesn’t even bother to hear your opinion.

He simply never consults you when it comes to any matter that involves the both of you.

6. He seems to be emotionally unavailable

Whenever you listen to him talk it’s never about something important or emotional.

It’s always something funny or a joke, because he’s afraid to show his emotions.

He doesn’t let you see who he really is and he never talks about his personal life.

If he’s having trouble at work, he’d rather die than tell you what’s going on.

He doesn’t even bother to show you any affection to make you feel special or needed.

7. He only calls you when he wants something from you

Well, this one hurts a lot. But if he only calls you when he needs something from you, not even bothering to ask if you’re in need of anything, it’s clear that all he wants is to take advantage of your kindness.

If that’s really what’s happening in your relationship then you should get out of it as soon as possible.

If he doesn’t show gratitude and if he doesn’t even bother with you then there’s nothing you can do about it.