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Be Strong Enough To Walk Away From A Toxic Manipulator

Be Strong Enough To Walk Away From A Toxic Manipulator

I know that you still love him. And I also know that you still want him to be the person you will spend the rest of your life with, but step by step, you will realize he is not the right man for you.

You are just blinded by love for him, but his bad behavior toward you will open your eyes. You will see how he manipulated you and made you feel bad all this time.

You will realize that all this time, he didn’t make any effort to make you happy. He just kept you close with his lies every time when he would feel like you are leaving.

He would fool you in so many ways that you totally lost yourself over a toxic man like him.

So, I am begging you: don’t listen to what he has to say. Don’t let him lead you on one more time. You are much smarter than that.

If you could just think with your head instead of with your heart, you wouldn’t have been hurt. If you could just open your eyes in time and see what he put you through.

worried woman holding hand on her forehead

He put you through hell and he called it love. Don’t you know that you deserve better? And yes, you hear well, a man is telling you that you deserve so much more than he can give you.

Even if I am a man, I can feel your pain. I can see it deep in your eyes. I know that you are trying to hide it with your smile, but it is not working.

Every time you want to smile to your pain, your lips start shivering like you are about to cry.

So, please don’t try to fool me. I know very well what it looks like when a woman smiles with her heart and when she smiles with the pain that is inside her.

I just want you to know that you should leave him and make a better life for yourself.

Don’t think that nobody will want you because he once broke you. Even if you are broken, you will be someone’s perfect woman.

sad woman looking at distance

There will come a man who will see how worthy you are.

There will come a man who won’t fix you but who will love all your broken pieces. And a man like that will be truly worthy of your love.

But if you stay with the wrong one, you won’t have a chance to meet the right one.

So, gather enough courage to walk away from that toxic manipulator who is ruining your life. Walk away from the man who brings you to emotional death every time he neglects you.

Walk away from the man is not even able to love himself. Don’t choose to stay with someone who doesn’t ask for any help and who pushes you away when you come closer.

Walk away from a man who will never treat you as an option, but you will always be in second place for him.

woman leaving a man

Don’t be with the man who will never die for you and who will never be madly in love with you. And whatever you do, don’t blame yourself for his behavior.

It is about him and not about you. He is the one who needs to get his shit together and once you leave, he will realize what kind of a woman he lost.

Once you walk away from him, he will be so lost because he won’t have anyone to feed on.

When you walk away, he will die with his spirit because he gambled away the best woman that exists.

If you decide to walk away from him but his toxic hands try to stop you, remember this:

You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be chased. You deserve to be taken care of. You deserve to be respected. And you deserve all that to happen naturally.

young woman looking through the window

Since he never provided any of that to you, bite your lip and close the door once you leave him. Pretend that you don’t hear him calling your name.

Pretend that you are not falling apart because all that you had is now ruined. Pretend that you don’t love him anymore and don’t let him see that tear that is running down your cheek.

Don’t give him the pleasure to see your breakdown. Because if he sees that you are weak, he will try to win you back. He will come up with a million reasons for you to stay.

He will use his claws to bring you to him again. But don’t allow him to do that because I know you are strong enough to walk away from him. I know what I am talking about.

If you go back to him knowing you shouldn’t , he will mistreat you again. He will make you feel like crap again and he will never give you the love you crave.

Life with him will be like a battle lost in advance, so please don’t do that to yourself.

worried woman sitting on the bed

Even if you still love him, move away from him because the situation will never be any better.

I know that he doesn’t love you anymore. I can see that by the things he has done to make you cry. I know that from his every look toward you when you smile.

He just wants to erase that smile from your face and to see you sad. He wants you to feel guilty for every problem you two have and he wants to make you feel like crap.

Because if you feel that way, you won’t be strong enough. If you feel that way, you will always try to find comfort in him.

And he will be there just to tell you that he won’t give you what you need, but he will a coward to let you go.

So, don’t wait for him to embarrass you and hurt you once more. Leave while it is time; leave while you have at least a little bit of pride.

worried blond woman looking away from her boyfriend

Because he can take it all away from you, but he can’t touch your pride.

And once you leave, you will see that things are not as he used to say they are. You will see that there is life without him.

You will see that you can breathe without him, to love without him and to be happy without him.

You will see that you are just fine on your own and that he was just a tough lesson you had to learn.

When you see that life can be beautiful without him, remember my words: that you are worthy and that you are more than enough.

I know that you tend to avoid men’s opinions after what you had with him, but I am begging you to listen to me this time.

worried woman sitting near the window

I know that you feel insecure and that you are afraid that love will not come to your life again. I know that he has shaken your self-confidence and that you doubt yourself.

That’s why I am here to tell you that I am proud of you for walking away from a man who was your whole world but who hurt you the most.

And I hope that there will come a man who will see how amazing you are, just like I am seeing you now.

So, when he comes, you will feel he is the right one.

You will finally find everything in him that you have been looking for all this time.

And this time, his love won’t be manipulation.

His love will be real. His love will feel like home.

Be Strong Enough To Walk Away From A Toxic Manipulator