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7 Signs He’s Way Too Immature For A Relationship

7 Signs He’s Way Too Immature For A Relationship

Just like a young woman can be too mature for her age, a grown-up man can act like a child and ruin your perfect relationship.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter that his intentions are good and that he loves you, when he acts like he’s in kindergarten.

Most of the time, what happens is that an immature man ends up hurting you or simply playing with you. You deserve way more than an emotionally immature player. That’s why you need to watch out for these signs that show he’s way too immature for you.

He isn’t able to express his feelings

When a man avoids expressing his feelings or is very awkward while doing so, know that he’s an immature mama’s boy.

Just look at the way you talk about whatever is on your mind—you know why you’re feeling a certain way and how to help yourself talk about it with your partner. It took effort to get to this point, where you always know what you want and need to be happy but he simply isn’t able to talk like that. He jokes around and he makes it all just way more complicated than it should actually be.

He doesn’t take the blame

Owning your problems and mistakes makes you a stable human being who knows how to handle situations well because you’re confident.

But always putting the blame on others and never admitting that you did something wrong really is a sign of immaturity. You don’t want a man like this for sure. He’ll blame you for everything that goes wrong in his life and all the little things that go with it. Be prepared to have a miserable relationship if you choose to get closer to this immature man.


Ohh, God! When a man is whining because of the fact that he didn’t get something his way, he always reminds me of a little kid who got his toys taken away.

Grow up already! It’s just painfully gross to look at a man you were attracted to a minute ago, how he’s whining over a little problem that came his way.

He picks fights

He’s probably thinking how manly he is putting you down because of something that happened, when in actuality he’s just being childish.

When he picks fights over nothing it means that he has nothing better to do. If he’s fighting you over whether you should watch a show or go to the movies or about the ingredients in a meal, then it’s just bullshit you need to stay away from.

He doesn’t want to commit

How many times did you hear that a man with commitment issues is nothing but a little boy who doesn’t know how to be serious?

Believe me, I’ve heard it way too many times and it really is true. Only a real man knows that a woman will only stay by your side if you truly and fully commit to her. But if he goes around playing games like he doesn’t have anything to lose, then I think it’s pretty clear.

He tries to make you jealous

The need for attention goes beyond everything you’ve ever known when we’re talking about an immature man.

If he’s a jerk who’s trying desperately to make you jealous, he’s just a childish attention whore. He wants you to believe that he has a lot of girls waiting for him in some kind of imaginary line, so he lets you know that he’s texting his ex or he shows you pictures of girls in bikinis on Instagram.

He cancels last minute

By telling you that he has ‘more important things to do’, he’s actually trying to make himself look more attractive and mature. Like he has something that needs to be done right away.

But in actuality, he simply doesn’t know how to make a plan and follow it through completely, he just knows how to call you and tell you, just before you leave the house, that he won’t be joining you tonight.