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This Is Why The Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell

This Is Why The Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Has Been Through Hell

She will help you overcome your problems

A girl like this has been through hell and back and she knows what it means to suffer. Things she has been through are things that she doesn’t want even for her worst enemy and when she sees you struggling with life problems, she will be there for you.

She will hold your hand harder when you push her away. She will chase you when you decide to run away. She will do all that because she acted in the same way, but unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone to help her at that time.

She will understand you

When you tell her that you don’t feel comfortable doing something, she won’t judge you, but she will understand you. She knows that we are not all the same and that different people have fear of different things.

A girl like this will always be helpful and she will always try to make you feel good and respected when you are with her. She will give you all that she craved so much in the past but she didn’t get. She will help you heal without even touching you, just using her words.

She will overanalyze things

This is something she has to do because she has been hurt too many times before. She simply doesn’t want to get her heart broken again and that’s why she will overanalyze things that you say, so she can discuss them in time.

Whenever you have a problem, she will sit down and talk to you like your best friend, making an effort for the two of you to work. She is someone who doesn’t give up easily and when she decides something, she will stick to her decision no matter how hard it might be to make it happen.

She will make an effort

A girl like knows that making an effort for something to function is essential. She has been in meaningless relationships and they all failed because of the lack of effort.

That’s why she will do everything in her power to make things work between the two of you. You will never see her surrender and she will never be the one who will start to fight.

She is the type of a person who wants to handle things in a calm way, so there won’t be any raised voices or curses with her. She is an adult and she behaves like one, without drama in her life.

She will tell you her darkest secrets

She will admit that she was broken many times. Yet, she won’t say that because she wants you to feel sorry for her but to be closer to you.

She knows that intimacy is really important in a relationship, so she wants you to know all about her, both pros and cons. She doesn’t want to deceive you but she wants you to get to know her, and see if you can follow her and put up with her baggage.

She will be honest with you from the start and she will never hurt you intentionally.

She doesn’t need a perfect man

What she really wants is someone she can click with—a man who will be perfect in her eyes. She wants a man who will love her even when she is a little bit crazy, when she is suffocating and when she is clingy.

She needs someone who will accept her just the way she is without trying to change her. She wants a man who won’t try to fix her but who will love all the broken pieces. And when she finds a man like that, she will go all in with him.

She will be your best friend

She knows that a couple has to get to know each other, so they could develop a stable relationship. That’s why she will try to be your friend at first and when you connect on an emotional level, she will try something more than friendship.

She simply wants a man whom she will be able to believe and who won’t run away with the first bump on the road.

She is thankful for the little things

A girl like this doesn’t need expensive gifts to show her your love. She would rather take small things like a stolen kiss when nobody is watching, a rose from your yard or saying that you love her when she least expects it.

She knows that little things matter and she doesn’t need you to impress her with anything big. She wants you to spoil her with loyalty because she knows that feelings are more important than material things.