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7 Signs Your Nice Guy Is Actually A Manipulative Asshole In Disguise

7 Signs Your Nice Guy Is Actually A Manipulative Asshole In Disguise

Let’s face it girls—it is very difficult to spot a manipulative person while you are still at the beginning of your relationship.

You probably think that everything is fine because you finally found the right one but you shouldn’t be so relaxed about it.

Sometimes those guys appear to be nice but in fact they are manipulative assholes.

They are just very good at deceiving the girls they date and they do that just to reach their sick goals. And no, loving you is not one of them.

So, if you want to save yourself from tears, here are some signs you should pay attention to, that your guy is not as good as he acts he is.

1. It is always your fault

This is a pattern every manipulative guy uses. He will blame you for all the problems in your relationship even if you are not guilty at all.

If you tell him that you don’t like some things that he did recently he will just call you crazy for mentioning it.

The catch is that he knows how to talk very well and his story always has evidence that something was just like he said.

In the end, you will feel embarrassed for mentioning it and he will be smiling inside because you bought his shit again.

2. He is the one who makes plans

Have you ever been in a situation where you made some plans with your friends and when you mentioned that to your boyfriend he started acting like a victim because you didn’t invite him?

Remember, a man like this will make you believe that you don’t need friends and family.

He will make you believe that he is the only person you need to be happy. It is just one more manipulative strategy to isolate you so that he can better control you.

3. He will deny that he said something in the past

Why do you think he does this? Well, one answer would be that he wants you to believe that it is all in your head. He wants you to think that you are the crazy one and that you come up with things that are not true.

When all the attention is on him, he won’t feel so good because he knows that he is wrong.

That’s why he will defend himself by any means necessary and he will put the blame on you.

This is just one tactic more to get what he wants and in this case, it is not what you want at all.

4. He acts like a victim

Whenever you have problems with him and want to solve them, he is the one telling you that he is not guilty and that all those things are just in your head. He is a man who wants to make you believe him more than what your eyes see.

With the right woman, he can actually convince her that things she does for him will work for her as well, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

And in every situation, he acts like a victim so that you feel sorry for him and stay in that toxic relationship.

5. He keeps telling you that you don’t love him

The bad thing about this kind of a relationship is that you will always be the one to satisfy his needs and he will be a crybaby who will always want more.

Manipulators do this just to get their victims close to them and to make them believe that they are the guilty ones when a relationship doesn’t function.

You will catch your man telling you that you don’t love him and that he craves your love. He will make you believe that he needs you like the air in his lungs.

Please, don’t buy his shit and stay far away from him. That is the best gift that you can give to yourself.

6. He wants you only for himself

A manipulative guy will probably want you to spend all your time with him.

He won’t understand that sometimes you will have to work overtime from home and he won’t understand that you need your private time.

He thinks about his needs only and in fact he is not into yours that much.

With a man like this, you will never be happy because he will never change. He thinks that he is right and that others need to change, including you.

7. He doesn’t want you to feel comfortable in the relationship

He tells you that he loves you and that he wants you to feel safe but he does all to the contrary.

He makes you second-guess his feelings for you and a relationship with him is everything but calm and good.

The second he sees that you are into him, he will slowly pull away, like he needs some time to think about what his next step will be.

And because of things like this, you will never feel so comfortable in your relationship and you will always think it is all your fault.

Please, don’t ruin your life and just leave him. You deserve more than a man who can’t decide what he wants in his life.