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7 Signs Screaming You Are In An Almost Relationship

7 Signs Screaming You Are In An Almost Relationship

When you meet someone new and fall in love, the last thing you think of is that things might go wrong. But sometimes they do.

Sometimes, the people you love the most disappoint you the most. Sometimes, the man you would kill for can take advantage of you and use you in the worst possible way.

And that is exactly what happens in almost relationships. You start something, thinking it will last, and it just stops in the middle of things, without explanation, without any excuses.

Maybe some of you found yourself in the lines written above and you still can’t figure out what went wrong and why you don’t get the love you deserve.

The catch is that you can’t do anything about it. You can’t push someone to love you because love is not one of those things that can be compromised.

It should happen naturally and without much ado. But some people, unfortunately, don’t get to feel it.

If you think that you are one of those who has bad luck in love and that you are stuck in an almost relationship, check these signs and find out if what you have is the real deal or something temporary.

He calls you only when it is convenient for him

You see, if a man calls you only when it is convenient for him, not being there when you need him, it can be a sign of an almost relationship.

It means that you are stuck in something he doesn’t want to put a label on.

He simply thinks that you will be okay with that kind of situation and if you refuse to be with him, he will just find another woman to take for granted.

A man like this is definitely not hubby material so don’t waste your time on someone who will never truly be yours.

He doesn’t care about your needs

When you love someone you care about them and will do anything for them to feel good. But if your partner doesn’t give a damn about you, you should know that an almost relationship is all that you will get from him.

Just think about it—if he treats you like crap now, you can just imagine what will happen if the two of you get married.

He will respect you less and he will never put you first. And darling, that is not what you deserve.

You deserve a man who will love you to the moon and back and not a jerk who will take advantage of you and leave you like he is leaving nothing.

He hasn’t introduced you to his family

When you introduce your partner to your parents it means that you really respect him and that you want something serious with him.

But if your man didn’t take this step, it is a sign of an almost relationship that he is not planning to take to a whole new level.

It means that he is just leading you on and that he doesn’t want anything serious with you. So, the decision is all yours.

If you want something temporary where you will have fun, it is okay if you stay with him. But in case you want something serious, you should think twice if he is the real man for you.

He doesn’t share his private life with you

If you feel that your partner doesn’t share enough details of his private life with you, you should ask him about his intentions.

You need to know whether he is just fooling around or if he wants something serious. From his point of view, he just wants to have some fun with you and then leave you.

Not sharing with you the things that matter to him says enough. So, it is up to you whether you will stay with him and put up with his crap or you will leave him and show him what he lost.

He doesn’t want to spend time with you

He says that he wants to be with you and when you make a plan for a night out, he will just say that he is tired.

But that doesn’t stop him from having fun with someone else.

If your man behaves like this, it means that he doesn’t respect you enough and that he will never provide you with the right relationship.

He will sleep with you but he won’t call you his girlfriend and in case he does that, it will only be when it’s convenient for him.

He won’t put any effort in

If he behaves like he doesn’t give a damn about you and like he is indifferent about whether you will be with him or not, it is a sign that he doesn’t love you enough.

A man like that will never provide you with the relationship you need so you better do yourself a favor and stay away from him.

I mean, what is the point if you will be the only one making an effort for the two of you to work? If he won’t dedicate himself to the relationship, you shouldn’t do that either.

He flirts with other women

And he is doing that in front of you. Not just that he flirts with other women in front of you but he asks you for your opinion about their looks.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a sign of disrespect and that you will never be able to develop a stable relationship with a man like this.

If he hasn’t put a label on your relationship by now, he won’t do that in the future either.

So you better leave him and find your true happiness in another place. Even if you don’t feel it now, you will be much better off without him.