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7 Surefire Signs That He Completely And Utterly Adores You

7 Surefire Signs That He Completely And Utterly Adores You

When a man is into you, he will do everything to let you know. But when a man adores you, you will have no doubt in your mind about where you stand with him.

He might not go to the lengths of saying it every day. Words come cheap if you ask most of the decent men out there.

So he would much rather show you his love and affection with action than waste your time trying to sell you empty words and false promises.

These are the surefire signs that he completely and utterly adores you which will make you adore him right back:

You are the one who matters the most, and he makes that perfectly clear

You don’t have to beg him for anything. He gives his time freely, and he never stands you up (unless he has an extremely good reason to do that). He makes sure you know you are his priority.

Even though he might not spend as much time with you as you would like, he does the best he can, and it’s evident.

He is always there for you

If you are having a bad day and it’s too hard to handle, he will notice. He won’t mind talking to you for as long as it takes and does his best to cheer you up.

He is there for you through all the good and the bad no matter what. And you will notice that sometimes him just being there is enough to soothe your mind and make you feel better.

You are all he thinks about

He never misses the chance to say goodnight or wish you a great morning. It seems so little, but it’s more than enough.

You are the last thing he thinks about before going to sleep and the first thought he has when he wakes up in the morning.

He is all about little-big things

He knows that the secret passage to your heart is noticing little things you like that make you happy.

So if you just so much as mention that you like a certain chocolate flavor, he will drop by and surprise you with it.

He will remember what movie you wanted to see. He will tuck your blanket in when you are already half asleep.

He will kiss your cheek for no reason. He will cuddle, snuggle and spoil you with affection.

He shows interest in things that interest you

Shopping, dancing, road trips and travel might not be his cup of tea, but he will do them anyway.

He will willingly leave his comfort zone and do something that he knows will make you happy.

He doesn’t make it all about him and his needs. He takes yours into consideration as well. He loves your smile, and he wants to see it as often as possible.

He always asks for your opinion

It’s not that he doesn’t have his own stands and viewpoints. It’s just that he likes to hear your thoughts, especially about the things that involve you, too.

He will also initiate things, telling you all the places he would like to go to, but ultimately, he will listen to your suggestions. He wants to please you and make you happy, that’s all.

It’s all in his touch

He will always find it convenient to kiss, hug, hold your hand and gently caress your body—and not just as a form of foreplay.

Though you are having an amazing time with him in bed, he will show you it’s more than that.

He just has the urge to feel you close. He wants you to feel safe and protected in his embrace. He wants you to know that he is always there for you to lean on.