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7 Things He Does That Mean He Will Break Your Heart

7 Things He Does That Mean He Will Break Your Heart

A long time ago, when I was a little girl, my grandma used to say one sentence to me that I still remember very well: “Remember to always protect your heart.”

Back then I didn’t quite understand the real meaning of it, but I guess I was just too young and naive.

But, today I understand it perfectly and I can confirm with pride that she was totally right!

I’ve learned that no matter how much you’re crazy about someone and how much you love them, you should never forget to protect your heart.

It took me a few years to understand how in the world one can protect one’s heart (and now you’re probably asking yourself the same).

Well, you take care of your heart by preventing it from getting hurt. Now the real question is how to go about doing that.

Remember that feeling when you’re totally, madly, and crazy in love with someone, where you are determined to give all of yourself to them and more without thinking?

This is the biggest threat to your heart and by doing this, you are putting yourself in vulnerable and potentially dangerous position.

To protect yourself, you should NEVER give all of yourself right away before making sure that you are giving your heart to the right person!

You need to make sure that he’s worthy of being with you and you will do so by paying attention to his actions.

So, if you notice that your guy does the majority of the following things, beware, because chances are that he will break your heart!


1. He doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship

7 Things He Does That Mean He Will Break Your Heart

This is the biggest indicator that something is fishy.

If a guy refuses to define your relationship, it means he is uncertain of his feelings and whether it will last, and that is why he is trying hard to avoid putting a label on it.

He refuses to talk about it with you because he knows that it will reveal his true, indecisive, or maybe toxic nature.

2. He is a commitment phobe

Similar to the previous one, if a guy tells you the following sentence: “I’m not ready to commit,” you should definitely run as far as possible.

I mean, what does this even mean? He’s not ready to commit, but he still wants to be with you? Seriously?

If he really wants to be with you with all of his body and heart, he will make sure to make you his and only his.

He will make sure to write on his forehead that you’re only his if need be. Always remember that.

3. He doesn’t want to meet your family

If he avoids meeting your family like the plague, then you can be sure that something’s clearly not right.

Possible reasons why he doesn’t want to meet your family would be the following:

a) He’s an extreme introvert and he collapses whenever he tries to meet someone new, or

b) He’s an asshole in disguise and he doesn’t want to be revealed by your family.

Since the first one is pretty much impossible, I would go with the latter.

He doesn’t want to meet your family because he’s not interested in anything serious with you, he’s aware of his manipulative and toxic nature, and at the same time afraid they might notice it and forbid you to ever date him again.

4. He is overprotective of his mobile phone

Does he always seem to have his phone in his hands, sleeps with it, and becomes furious if you happened to be an inch within its reach?

If yes, it means he’s into some suspicious stuff and he’s trying to hide it from you.

He doesn’t want you to discover his true nature and bust him in the middle of his sinful deeds.

5. He doesn’t open up to you about himself and future plans

Does he constantly exhibit the traits of a real enigma? Is he having difficulties opening up to you about his past?

Maybe he’s doing it because he has nothing good to say about himself and he certainly doesn’t want to share all of the negative things with you.

He doesn’t want you to know the real him because otherwise you would never be with him in the first place.

Also, if he refuses to talk about future plans with you, it means he’s not ready to invest in a relationship at all.

6. He doesn’t show you off on social media

He never posts pictures of you as a couple on social media, but regularly posts pictures of himself, his pet, or his car.

I remember when one of my friends had the exact issue with the guy she was dating.

He was constantly posting pictures of his car and himself, but he never posted anything about her.

I knew that something was utterly wrong with him and later on it turned out that he was the ultimate fuckboy.

So, if never shows you off on social media, but he’s frequently engaged in posting other things, you should definitely be alarmed!

7. He only shows up when it’s convenient

When you ask him to hang out with you, he is always busy and has some other, more important things to do.

He never shows up when you need him or when you want him to, only when it’s convenient for him and he doesn’t have anything else better to do!

If he does this, it means he’s not trying even one bit to make you his priority and, therefore, he deserves neither your company nor your heart!

7 Things He Does That Mean He Will Break Your Heart