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5 Dumb Relationship Games You Should Never Put Up With

5 Dumb Relationship Games You Should Never Put Up With

Sadly, mind games have become a part of almost every romantic relationship today.

Even though a little bit of chase and uncertainty can bring sparks to your love life, you always have to respect yourself more than to agree on some childish games which serve as an ego boost to another person and which won’t bring you anywhere.

That is exactly why we’re bringing you a list of 5 immature and pointless relationship games you should never put up with, despite the depth of your feelings for someone.

1. Acting indifferent

5 Dumb Relationship Games You Should Never Put Up With

One of the worst things modern dating has brought to us is the lie that feeling and especially showing emotions are shameful.

Exposing vulnerabilities is considered to be the green light that the other person has the permission to take advantage of you and hurt you.

That is exactly why acting heartless and pretending to be indifferent to your loved one is sadly nothing uncommon in today’s relationships.

However, this isn’t something you should tolerate or put up with.

Besides being childish and immature, it is also a sign of weakness—it shows that you’re scared of getting hurt and that you allow your fear to control you.

It is perfectly natural that you want to feel loved and wanted by your romantic partner and requiring attention doesn’t make you pathetic or needy.

2. Hot and cold games

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where your boyfriend isn’t consistent in his behavior.

One day, he is the best man you could ever wish over: he acts like he loves you unconditionally and as if he’d never leave you.

However, the second you become certain of his emotions, his behavior drastically changes. All of a sudden, he becomes distant and cold.

After all this relationship experience, you’ve become sick and tired of these hot and cold mind games and you’re wondering if you should play along.

Well, let me tell you that the only adult thing to do is walk away from someone who is obviously not sure about you, no matter how much you might love him.

3. Making you jealous on purpose

5 Dumb Relationship Games You Should Never Put Up With

Let’s face it—jealousy is a part of every relationship and it only shows that you’re scared of losing the person you love.

Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between healthy jealousy and thinking that it is the only proof of love.

Therefore, if a man is doing his best to make you jealous on purpose, it only shows his deeply rooted insecurities.

No, you’re not imagining things and he’s probably doing everything he can just to make you crazy and to play with you.

A guy like this is obviously nothing more than an immature brat who doesn’t deserve a place in your life, let alone you becoming exasperated over him.

4. Not knowing where you stand

If a man can’t make up his mind about you, the only choice you have is to dump his sorry ass and move on with your life before he drags you into his twisted games and before it becomes too late for you to get out of this almost relationship undamaged.

The last thing you need is wasting years on someone who can’t commit and without ever being certain about where you stand.

You need a mature man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

A loyal and faithful man who won’t keep his options open and who will treat you like you’re the only woman in the world.

5. Making you wait

It is one thing if a guy needs some time and space to clear his head and to find out what he wants.

However, it is completely different if he is using this as an excuse to keep leading you on for as long as he wants.

Remember that you’re worth more than a guy who is trying to make you wait to make up his mind about you, who is making you wait for him to commit or who is making you wait for a simple text or phone call.

Don’t allow anyone treating you like a second choice and don’t ever allow yourself to put your life on hold for the sake of some other person!

5 Dumb Relationship Games You Should Never Put Up With