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7 Things I Settled For Once (And Never Again)

7 Things I Settled For Once (And Never Again)

1. Lousy friends

Many of us have those friends who only call you when they have nothing better—or nothing else—to do.

Or, there are people who always blame you somehow for the mistakes they have made. Well, those are lousy friends and they don’t deserve a place in your life.

You settled for shitty friends when you were younger, but you don’t have to do it anymore. You’re a grown person now and you don’t need someone who will make you feel bad and only take advantage of you.

You’re worthy of true friends and by eliminating all those fake ones, you’ll make room for those who deserve you.

2. Almost relationships

That is the train I’m not boarding anymore. I had my share of broken hearts and I’m not planning on continuing the streak.

It’s understandable when you date and you break up. Of course, you’re going to have a broken heart, but when you don’t date someone and you still get your heart broken, then it’s a problem. Someone you thought loved and cared about you hurts you the most in the end.

I opened my heart to them and I let them in only to find out that they had started seeing someone else.

They were seeking emotional support and love in a way with me, but as soon as they found someone to replace me, they broke my heart.

I’m not buying that shit anymore. I’ve learned my lesson.

3. Toxic relationships

I’m naïve and I trust people. That’s why I’m so easily manipulated. I’ve been lied to and I’ve been played.

I’ve always failed to see someone’s true face because of infatuation, because of something I thought was love.

I forgave those people a long time ago, but I had trouble with forgiving myself. I was so mad at myself for falling for their tricks and for not seeing straight, but in time, I managed to move on. I know it wasn’t my fault and that I didn’t do anything wrong.

They used me along with so many other people. They are the ones who need help, not me. The only thing I can do about it is to promise myself not to fall for those tricks ever again.

4. Shitty boyfriends

I’m done being the only one trying. I’m done living in a relationship where I’m treated like shit. I’m done dating selfish men who only know how to take care of themselves.

So many times I was there for him and so many times he left when I needed him the most. He never regretted it and he never even stopped to think about his behavior.

He felt it’s a normal relationship because, from his standpoint, everything was just fine.

Well, this is one mistake I will never do again. This was an experience from which I’ve learned a lot. I learned how strong and worthy of true love I am.

I’ve learned that no one has the right to treat me like he did.

5. One-sided relationships

I sacrificed so much for him. I went out of my way to please him. Basically, I was playing by his rules.

I was never truly happy in that relationship but I thought I was because I didn’t know what true love is.

I didn’t know what it is like to be loved and cherished by someone. I didn’t know what it is like to wake up happy in the morning.

I neglected myself psychologically and I neglected myself physically. I felt and looked like a piece of shit.

I took care of him and ignored my needs, but every time I was taken for granted. I got nothing in return. Why? It’s simple—I was the only one who loved in that relationship. He never cared, not even a bit.

It’s my fault because no one forced me to stay. It’s just that I underestimated myself and I voluntarily let him abuse me with his neglect.

I should have learned that I deserve more, but fortunately, I know that now.

6. Booty calls

I ‘ve given up answering late night, drunken calls and opening the door in the middle of the night. I’ve found some self-respect which I lacked when I was younger.

I never trusted or believed in myself, so I settled for anything that was out there. When I liked someone, I would do literally anything just to get their attention and they would use me.

I’m not going to do the same thing over again. Through the years, I have realized that I don’t need to beg for anyone’s attention. I’m smart. I’m fun to be with and there are people who like me without me asking for it.

There are people out there who would give up their time just to spend it with me.

7. Always being the last on the list

I’m really sick and tired of being the last priority to everyone, especially men I used to date. I’m tired of being treated the way I don’t deserve. The way nobody deserves.

I had no idea who I was in the past. I didn’t know how to appreciate myself. I didn’t know how to love myself, so I searched for validation everywhere I could—unfortunately in wrong men, too.

I’m not that young naïve girl anymore. I became a woman. I became aware of my own worth. I’ve slapped the world back for every slap it gave me.

There is no more screwing around with me. There is no more setting for things I don’t deserve because I deserve everything I wish for.