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7 Things To Know If Your Partner Has A Hard Time Showing Affection

7 Things To Know If Your Partner Has A Hard Time Showing Affection

Just because someone is unable to find the way or the words to express their emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

However, if you crave more affection from your partner, this can make you feel confused, not to mention hollow, even though the other aspects of your relationship are functioning perfectly.

Maybe your partner just doesn’t fit the box. Maybe they have a hard time expressing their feelings in some conventional, ordinary ways. Maybe they have a different approach.

Maybe you should pay attention and see that they have their own way of expressing their love for you.

These are the things you need to know if your partner has a hard time showing affection:

Forget about any form of PDA

They are just not comfortable doing that. Sharing photos of the two of you on social media, holding hands, kissing or hugging in front of other people are not their cup of tea.

When they show affection, they show it privately. They don’t give too much, not because they don’t care enough but because they consider love to be something intimate.

You often hear yourself saying to your friends, “My partner is different when we are alone.”. Even though your friends don’t believe you, you know this is true.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters is that you enjoy your warm and intimate moments on your private time.

They won’t always be in the mood for cuddling

On the occasions they are feeling all warm and cuddly, you will notice that nothing in this world feels better. Their closeness and their warmth are all you need.

But they won’t always be in the mood for cuddling. They might stretch their boundaries a little bit to make you happy, but most of the time, they will just sit or lie next to you without making any physical contact.

They will get caught up in their phones, TV, eating snacks or something similar. They like things to be practical, so they concentrate on one thing at a time.

Don’t give this greater meaning than it has. They are still into you. They are just not into cuddling all the time.

A hand on your knee is of great importance

Even though you don’t get a full cuddling session every time you want, that doesn’t mean you are missing out on affectionate moments.

You just have to notice them.

A hand on your knee, a kiss on your forehead, a tight hug out of nowhere are also present from time to time, and even though they seem small, they show just how into you they are, how beautiful you are to them and how something you said or some expression you made is cute.

They had no words to express it, so they just did something small to let you know that they are paying attention and that they are very much into you.

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You can talk to them about anything but your feelings

They are basically your best friends. They will stand by your side no matter what. They will listen.

They will tell you about their day, and they will want to hear about yours. They will confide in you.

But what they won’t do is talk about their feelings for you.

They just don’t know where to start or how to say something that doesn’t make them look stupid, so they would rather say nothing.

There is no need to force them into displaying their affection more openly

Sure you can talk to them and say how you miss feeling close to them, how you need more hugs, kisses and snuggly nights.

They will probably try to do better, but don’t expect them to do too much.

Notice all the other things you are getting that show just how much you mean to them. They might clean the apartment or at least take the trash out.

They will make lunch for the two of you or grab something on the way to your place.

They will remember your favorite chocolate, the brand of chips or alcohol of your choice.

They will do all these small things that show that they’ve been listening and that they want to make you happy.

Their words are the truth itself

They will tell you they love you once a year, but they will mean it. Their words won’t be empty.

They won’t say it just for the sake of saying it. They will mean it and back it up with actions.

On the occasions they get out of their comfort zones, they will tell you just how gorgeous and amazing you are.

They will tell you something sweet, and you will remember it because you won’t hear such things that often.

Their words carry meaning. They don’t talk about their feelings, but those small things they say are more truthful than anything you’ve ever heard before because they come straight from their hearts.

You are not having sex; you are making love

The place where your partner is most comfortable with expressing his feelings is your bed or any other surface you find convenient for making love.

They will be gentle, sweet and snuggly before, during and after intercourse. They will kiss you a lot.

They will make sure that you are enjoying yourself, and they will be all over you.

They will say with their touch what they are unable to put into words.