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7 Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The One

7 Thoughts Every Man Has When He Meets The One

Every woman who has ever been in a relationship with someone she is really crazy about has at one point asked herself what the hell is going through his mind and how does he perceive her.

And since you can never be sure about a man’s true intentions nowadays, first suspecting them has become a natural occurrence.

But, there are some things that are characteristic of a man who knows that she is the one.

To be specific, there are some thoughts (which convert into actions) that every man has when he realizes the truth that he has met the right woman – the one!


“I will do anything to make her happy.”

The moment a man realizes that she is the one for him, he takes an oath that he will do everything and anything in his power to make her happy.

He decides to meet your every need and always be there when you need him.

You become his priority, and he tries hard to let you know that he will never take you for granted.

Your happiness becomes his ultimate goal, and he will not be satisfied until he succeeds in achieving it.

Whatever you need, he will do it. If you’re sick, he will nurture you, if you have problems at your job, he will be there to listen to you.

He will make sure that he’s always there no matter what.

“I really need to work on myself.”

When a man realizes that you are the right woman for him, he immediately makes a decision to start working hard on himself.

You become his motivation when it comes to his health, the way he treats you and others, and becoming the best version of himself.

You motivate him to start hitting the gym regularly, to achieve his professional goals, to get rid of his bad habits, and to be a role model to others.

That motivation is the essence of a healthy relationship.

“I have never seen someone so beautiful.”

When a man loves a woman inside out, he will be “enchanted” by her, and he will never be able to stop admiring her beauty.

Every time he looks you in the eye, he will think how happy he is to be with you because he knows that you are the only one for him.

When you smile at him, he will experience a flood of emotions because he will see the smile of an angel that he needs to protect and take care of.

And when he says to you that he has never seen someone so beautiful, you will probably not believe him.

You will tell him that he’s crazy, but despite that, he will never stop reassuring you because it’s the sole truth.

“I’m so glad that last relationship didn’t work out.”

The biggest difference between relationships that were not meant to last and the relationship with the right woman is the lesson and realization of what the past relationships were lacking.

When a man gets one hundred percent certain about spending the rest of his life with that one woman, he notices everything that was negative in his past experiences.

He starts comparing the jewel he now has with the stones he once had, and he can’t help feeling grateful and happy that the last relationship didn’t work out.

“I want so many things I had no idea I wanted.”

Many men are afraid of commitment in a relationship, let alone marriage or having kids, but when they meet the right one, they start wanting all of these things subconsciously.

They get scared that something’s wrong with them because all of a sudden they want things they had no idea they ever wanted.

They want to build a house for that special woman—you (just think of Allie and Noah in The Notebook), and they want to treat you like their priority for the rest of their lives.

They want to have kids with you, and they want to love the best they can.

“Man, I hope I don’t fuck things up.”

A man knows that he’s with the one when he becomes totally afraid that he will fuck things up.

He gets constantly alarmed by the smallest detail because he doesn’t want you to get the wrong impression of his doings.

He becomes extra careful of his words, and he makes sure to follow them with his actions as well.

He does his best to always look neat, act decently, and be the embodiment of a gentleman.

He never stops thinking about that one sentence: “Man, I hope I don’t fuck things up.”

“I have no idea how this happened, but I’m glad it did.”

A man who knows he’s with the woman of his dreams also knows that he can’t stop thinking about how that happened.

When you see him smiling for no apparent reason, know that he’s thinking about how in the world he ended up with an angel and what he did to deserve that.

He will never stop wondering how it happened, and he will never stop being glad that it did.

You will be the last thing that comes to his mind when he goes to sleep at night and the first thing that he thinks about when he wakes up.

You will be everything to him, and he will always make sure that you know that.