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7 Traits Of The Man Who’s Going To Help You Heal

7 Traits Of The Man Who’s Going To Help You Heal

A woman doesn’t need a man in order for her to heal but let’s be honest— he can actually help us get over whatever we went through in a matter of months, which is probably half the time we needed when we were going through everything on our own.

But how can we be sure that he’s not going to break us like every other man did?

What are the traits of the man who can actually help us heal, rather than make it even harder for us?

We can’t always be a hundred percent sure but there are a few traits that these special types of men all have in common.

1. Understanding

Is there anything more beautiful than when a man is understanding and doesn’t judge you for what you’ve been through?

The man who can help you heal will be the man you can talk to about your past, about yourself and about your bruises, without him making you feel guilty about it at all and he will he understand your need for alone time and your need for time in general.

I mean, you can’t get over what happened to you overnight but it’s a long process that he’s ready to go through together with you. He understands you.

2. Ready to change for you

It doesn’t mean that you’re changing his personality but rather that he’s ready to make a compromise.

He doesn’t want you to go out hiking and/or running when you’re not in the mood to, so he stays inside with you and makes you tea to watch some great series together.

He’s ready to give up the things he loves, no matter whether you ask him to or not, simply because he wants you to see that he’s open-minded enough to do all these things for you.

3. Loyalty

It’s the most important trait for any relationship but if you’re going to let him help you heal, then loyalty is even more important than usual.

You want a guy who can reassure you that you’re good enough for him (because you’re even more than that), you want him to show you that you are more than enough and that you’re the center of his attention without a doubt.

Keep in mind that a cheater can never help you heal because he’ll make you suffer even more.

4. Secure

If you’re going to let him help you heal then you need someone who’s secure in himself but also a safe spot for you.

You need someone you can go back to when your thoughts get wild and when your heart can’t be calm. This is the moment when you will know if he’s actually loving and caring.

Isn’t security actually the most important thing about love? When you can feel safe enough to let someone know every little piece of you?

5. Protective

Women are gentle by nature and that’s why it’s nice if a man can be protective toward us when we can’t handle the world by ourself.

A man who can help you heal is for sure a man you can count on to be there and protect you from other men (your ex included) and from yourself.

6. Empathy

If you don’t have empathy, you’re actually a psychopath. So why would you want a man who doesn’t show empathy?

If your man can help out a sick animal, a helpless old lady or feel connected to you to the point where he feels your pain as much as you do, then he’s definitely a keeper.

7. Loves unconditionally

When your man loves you unconditionally, you’ll know that there’s nothing bad that can happen to you two that will make him leave you.

He loves you unconditionally and he makes you believe in love again— that’s the man who will help you heal.