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You Deserve More Than Crappy Text Messages

You Deserve More Than Crappy Text Messages

You deserve more than vague messages.

You are not supposed to have to find ways to interpret someone’s ‘Hi’. You are not supposed to be left on ‘seen’ and wait ages for someone to text you back. You are not supposed to be fighting the urge to get back to someone who texts you ‘I miss you’ when he feels you’re slipping away. You are not supposed to lose your mind when he doesn’t text back.

Instead, you deserve someone who will never make you stare at an empty screen, wondering when he will text back. You deserve someone who will find a way to let you know that everything is okay. That you two are doing great and there is no one out there he’d rather text than you.

You deserve more than crumbs of someone’s online ‘love’.

All those times when someone left you in the gray area of love, stuck in the labelless limb of a relationship. All those times you were fighting windmills, trying to understand what to do then, what to do with all the love and not being able to define what the hell was going on. And all those times when that person who put you through hell liked your photos, knowing what it would do to you. Knowing you would be left wondering once more if there was maybe a chance for the two of you to make it happen. If maybe there was hope after all. You don’t deserve to be played with. You deserve someone who will let you know that you are loved. Someone who will be honored to have you in his life and someone who won’t have to prove his affection with the number of likes on social media, because he will make you feel beautiful every single day that you spend together.

You deserve more than someone who keeps you on hold.

You were not put on this world to beg someone for their love and time. You were not born to be manipulated and put aside. You deserve more and you know you do. You deserve more than having to wait for someone to remember you. More than having to wait for someone to make time for you. Because there is someone out there who will give you all of his time. Someone who will take you on real dates, instead of Netflix and chill in hideaways. Someone who will bring you roses, instead of sending you emojis of an eggplant. Someone who will look at you and see the real you, instead of looking for a way to get your nudes.

You deserve more than being led on.

You deserve to know where things are heading and you deserve to know if this is worth the fight. Men who lead you on, only to get the things they’re interested in, are not worth it. Men who shower you with online attention but refuse to give it to you in real life are not worth it. Men who are incapable of committing and are hiding behind all these apps and emojis, I repeat, are not worth it. You deserve that kind of man who won’t hide behind his phone, who will open up to you and let you in. You deserve that kind of man who will lower his walls, because he’s ready for you and your love. Because he is ready to leave the virtual world and create one with you.

You deserve more than that almost relationship over the phone.

You deserve that real love, the lifelong love. Love who puts a smile on your face when you open your eyes and love who plays you the most beautiful lullabies when you go to sleep. You deserve that love who watches a TV show marathon with you all night long and drowns in chocolate chip cookies with you. You deserve to have someone you can call at 3 a.m. knowing they will answer. You deserve to have someone you can send weird text messages, knowing they will understand. You deserve to have someone who will actually text you back, someone who will text you ‘Good morning’ and won’t let you go to sleep without ‘Sweet dreams’. Someone who will never lead you on and make promises they cannot keep.

You deserve more than crappy text messages.You deserve more than encrypted codes that leave you baffled and hurt. You deserve more than a silent phone and an empty screen. More than crumbs of love and a trail of likes that leads to another heartbreak. You deserve more than crappy text messages taken from Pinterest and cheesy movie lines. You deserve honesty, loyalty and a love that’s real when nothing else is.