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7 Types Of Men that Are Not Hubby Material

7 Types Of Men that Are Not Hubby Material

Maybe it sounds rough, but some men are good hubby material and some are not. Marriage is all about being honest, supportive, loyal, sincere, and ready for compromise. Some guys have all these qualities but some of them don’t learn how to behave in a marriage even if they have spent many years with their partner.

Here is a list of the 7 types of guys that you should run from as fast as you can. They are not hubby material and unfortunately, you can’t do anything about it. Remember, a leopard can’t change its spots.

1. A man who broke your heart and never said he was sorry

Maybe he sees the two of you in a happy marriage with kids but that can’t erase the fact he hurt you and never said he was sorry about that. It is strange that men are always sulking when there is a problem in a relationship, and they will never admit that they did something wrong.

So, in the end, you need to talk to them like to small children, hugging and kissing them, and telling that maybe you have overreacted a moment ago. If he made a mistake, he should have guts to say that he was sorry. Believe it or not, this is essential for a happy marriage.

2. An unfaithful man

Let me ask you something? Do you think a man who was unfaithful during a relationship can transform into a faithful one in marriage? I thought so! Cheating is something that only cowards do, and if he cheated on you once, trust me he will do it again. It is simply in his blood and he can’t change himself.

Living with a man like this would be a constant worry because you never know if he is being faithful to you or he is flirting with the first girl he sees in the street. If I were you, I would just let him go.

3. An egoistic man

In love and marriage, we sometimes need to put ourselves in second place and let our partners be our priority. An egoistic man will never be capable of doing this so it is very important to seek all those latent signs of egoism in the first phase of your relationship.

If you see that he puts himself first always and you are not that important to him, run away as fast as you can. If he does that at the beginning of your relationship, you could just imagine what would have happened if the two of you are married.

4. “Fraud” is his middle name

A man who messes up somebody to get the easy money is not someone you can trust. No matter if he messes with his boss who really deserved that, it is not fair. You can never know when you will be involved in his actions and trust me, you won’t feel good if that happens.

5. A workaholic man

Being ambitious is commendable but working 60 hours per week is insane. I mean, really? Don’t you want to spend some time with your family or friends?

What is so amazing about your job so you like it so much? I understand people who do this at the beginning of their careers, but that is not something that you should do every single day. Maybe he wants to earn a lot of money to support your family but what is the point in spending money if you don’t have your soulmate with you?

6. A lazy man

The total opposite of a workaholic is a lazy man. The thing is that we shouldn’t exaggerate in our lives. Everything we do should be with balance because that is a key to a happy life.

No matter if your man is unemployed or not, he can also do some house chores. Trust me, no woman wants a man who is a couch potato. If you see him doing this, talk to him openly. If he loves and respects you, I am sure he will make his contribution.

7. A man who can’t handle things

Do you remember your wedding vows: “For better or worse?” Well, you should remember them, because the last thing you need in life is a man who will hide under your skirt while you are handling your problems.

A man like that is not desirable at all and frankly speaking, there is no masculinity anywhere near him. If you see him doing this, you should tell him that you don’t feel safe and secure enough with him, and he needs to change immediately if he wants to put a ring on it!