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7 Undeniable Signs You’ve Hit The ‘Jackpot’ Boyfriend

7 Undeniable Signs You’ve Hit The ‘Jackpot’ Boyfriend

Perfect men don’t exist, so don’t fool yourself into thinking they do. But, that doesn’t mean there are no perfect men for you.

Your ‘jackpot’ boyfriend will have flaws and weird moments, but you have them too. The trick is how well the two of you hit it off.

At the beginning, it’s all about chemistry, something that draws you to each other, something that you can’t explain.

But chemistry isn’t nearly enough to have a meaningful relationship that will last forever.

Despite the fact that we are all different and that we love different things, there are some general characteristics that nice and good men have which are a firm ground to start a perfect relationship on.

So, if your guy does the following things, you can be sure that you’ve hit the boyfriend ‘jackpot’:

He’ll never send mixed signals

He will never play hard to get. He will never confuse you by saying one thing and doing another.

His feelings are true and transparent and he will never hide them from you because he is mature enough not to play games with you.

There is no hot ‘n’ cold behavior, as boys do that and not men.

He will return your every missed call and answer every text you send him. He knows that you are not children anymore and he doesn’t want to act that way.

And also, he is well aware of the fact that you are a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants and that dating boys is not on your list of priorities.

He will listen to you

Your words won’t disappear into thin air. He will be there for you when you need him to listen to you.

When you have problems, it’s easier to tell someone about them, and if not for sake of the advice you receive, then to feel a bit better and more sure about any decisions you have to make.

He is not one of those guys who just pretends to pay attention to earn your trust and then who takes advantage of it later on.

He really wants to know what is going on in your life and he will pay attention to every detail you tell him. Somewhere along the line, later in your relationship, he will prove it to you.

He will never break his promises

He is not one of those guys who feeds you with false words and empty promises.

He will never make a promise that he can’t keep. You can be sure that whatever he tells you he is going to do, he will.

If he promises you something that doesn’t agree with his point of view and his outlook on life, he will do it anyway because he is a man of his word and the last thing he wants to do is hurt you.

He will be your best friend

He will just get you. You won’t have to explain yourself and the things you do because he will already know. Hanging out with him will be relaxed.

You won’t have to watch how you behave and what you say because anything that you do, as long as you stay true to yourself, he will love.

You will be able to talk to him about anything. He will be your rock in the times when you need him the most.

He will give you advice and he will hurt with you when you are down.

Anything you do, you will do together because at this point you are slowly starting to become one soul in two bodies—just perfect for each other.

He will challenge you

He will make you want to be better and stronger. He will challenge you on a daily basis because he doesn’t want you to give up and go in the wrong direction life may take you.

He wants you to fight because he knows that you have the capacity to become even better than you already are.

Whether it is emotionally, physically or intellectually, he will never stop challenging you. Not only to make you better, but to make him better, too.

By doing each other a favor and making yourselves want to achieve greater things, you will build a relationship that will be impossible to destroy.

He will never put you down

Your achievements and your goals matter to him as much as his own. He will never be happy to see you fail because he is not threatened by you and your failure is his, too.

He will be there for you to lift your confidence on the days when you just don’t feel yourself.

He will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room because, to him, you are. He won’t be able to take his eyes off of you and that’s all the boost you need to keep on going.

He loves your family

He knows that your family is special to you and because you love them, he will, too, no questions asked.

He won’t put up with them just because he has to, and even if something is bothering him concerning your family, he will let it go and give them a second chance only because they mean so much to you and you mean the world to them.

He knows that by choosing you, he chose your family as well.