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You’re Better Off Alone Than With A Guy Who Does These 7 Things

You’re Better Off Alone Than With A Guy Who Does These 7 Things

How many times have you wished you were single again because of the way your boyfriend/husband acts? Too many times, right? Well, sometimes you really are better off alone than with a man who simply isn’t worthy of you.

He does all these things that keep you unsatisfied and unhappy, but you keep on believing that he’ll change.

Quick reminder—he isn’t changing. Believe me, if he does these 7 things, you’re better off alone.

1. Manipulates you

He uses a series of sentences and actions that look like nothing important but those things are actually manipulation. You are better off alone than with a man who manipulates you into doing the things you don’t want to do.

He makes you feel guilty for saying ‘no’ and he makes you believe that it’s your fault he’s unhappy, so you run to make it all better. But, honey, it’s not worth your while.

2. Gaslighting you

Have you heard of gaslighting? It makes you believe that you’re going crazy and you can’t trust your own brain.

Even though you clearly remember certain parts of your relationship or a conversation you’ve had, he still, somehow, convinces you that it didn’t happen and that you’re just imagining things.

3. Lies to you

Truth and honesty are fundamental parts of a relationship. If your partner isn’t honest to you, then you can’t trust him at all. He will most probably cheat on you, deceive you in some kind of way.

The thing is that it starts with little lies and it goes on to bigger ones where you don’t even know whom you can trust because you’re friends are probably telling you one story, but your partner tells you another. You can live without that drama, believe me.

4. Cheats on you

It’s not just about cheating in the form of sex with other women, but micro-cheating is dangerous as well. Micro-cheating can ruin your relationship like a silent hurricane.

Looking after a hot woman that walks by or constantly texting other women—even though he knows that it’s bothering you—is just disrespectful and disgusting. Leave. You deserve way more than that.

5. Abuses you

When he raises his hand against you, just go away from him and never look back. You are better off alone than with a man who doesn’t mind hitting a woman. Or even worse than that is emotional abuse—when he says that your emotions aren’t valid, that you are not worthy of love and that you are unlovable.

Yelling at you and telling you how you don’t deserve him is kind of a red flag that you should just get rid of him right away. Respect yourself enough.

6. He rushes the relationship

Not so harsh as the previous ones, but still very important. Rushing the relationship won’t lead him anywhere. If he wants you to have sex with him right away even though you’ve been abused in your previous relationship, it shows that he doesn’t really care that you’re not ready to be that intimate with a man again.

Rushing the relationship would also be if he tried to force you into marriage even though you’re not ready. Just take it slow. There’s no need to rush anywhere and if he convinces you that you need to rush into something you don’t like, you’re better off alone.

7. He doesn’t listen to you

In relationships, when you don’t listen actively to what your partner says, the relationship doesn’t make sense. Relationships are there for you to have someone on your side on whom you can rely on to listen to you and take your words into consideration.

But what does he do? He listens to you, without hearing what you’re saying, and all it ends up to is him doing whatever the hell he likes and never taking your needs into consideration.