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7 Ways To Know That Your Man Is Truly Sorry

7 Ways To Know That Your Man Is Truly Sorry

In this day and age, where we are surrounded by men who are just looking for a fling or nothing serious and who only want a victim to play with, it’s very hard to find a man who is truly in love with you and really does respect you.

But how do we even know that they’re great guys? How do we know that these men, when they hurt us, really mean it when they apologize and tell us how sorry they are?

In order for you to know that he is truly sorry and that he is not just apologizing to get you to shut up about the problem, there are certain ways to see if his apology was genuine or not.

1. He doesn’t repeat that mistake


The most obvious one but most of us apologize, we know what we did wrong but still we do not do anything to change our behavior.

We simply forget about it or we actually do not find it to be such a huge problem so we stay just the way we are.

But if your man is really sorry, if he does regret what he has done, he won’t ever repeat that same mistake again.

He will do whatever it takes him just to show you that he has changed, just for you.

2. He is aware of the problem

Everyone can say that they’re sorry. But for what? If your man is aware of what he did wrong, if he is aware of the fact that he hurt you really badly and he knows how to make it up to you, then his apology came from the heart.

He knows every little mistake he made that made you angry, so in the end when he came to apologize, he could address all the problems at stake.

3. He asks you to forgive him

It isn’t something that happens every day when you see a man really apologizing for what he has done and begging for your forgiveness. Just by telling you ‘please forgive me‘, your heart skips a beat.

By telling you that he is sorry AND on top of that openly asking for your forgiveness, it’s obvious that he really is sorry.

4. He offers to do something so you would believe him

If he asks you the, “What can I do to make it better?” question, you don’t know how genuine he really is with his apology, because this way he is asking you to tell him what to do and he doesn’t have to think about things himself.

But if he offers to do things for you by himself, to make it up to you, then you better believe him!

Telling you that he will do all the chores for days, that he will watch the kids so you can go out with friends, block his ex and that woman flirting with him from all social media and so on means he’s genuine.

5. He made it all about you

When a man is selfish and disingenuous with his apology, he makes it all about himself.

He says that he must be the victim in this situation or that he didn’t know how something like that could happen to him when he is always such a perfect boyfriend. When a man is honest about his apology then he makes it all about you!

He tells you that you’re the perfect girlfriend for him, that he wants to spend his life with you and that he will do whatever it takes to make YOU happy.

6. He gives you time to process it

If he gets angry at you for not ‘being over it’ in just a few days then his apology was probably there just to shut you up.

A man who meant his apology knows that he has done something to upset you and he’s ready to give you enough time and space to get over it and process it properly without rushing you.

7. He doesn’t make excuses

If his apology is genuine he won’t try to find excuses for his behavior.

He won’t try to rationalize what he did wrong but he’ll rather just explain the scene in which he behaved the way he did.

He doesn’t want you to believe that he’s the victim but he wants you to understand what actually happened.