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No One Will Ever Love You Like I Did

No One Will Ever Love You Like I Did

‘Dear’ Ex,

After all that we had together, I had a right to tell you that no one will ever love you like I did.

No one will be as blind and crazy in love to forgive you when you cheat on her.

No one will ever wait for you until you come home drunk like I did, just to take off your dirty clothes and hold your head while you vomit.

No one else will wash another’s woman perfume out of your skin like me.

No one else will choose you over herself.

That’s something that only I could do.

I loved you more than anything.

And now, when I look back, I actually don’t know what the hell attracted me to you.

You are not kind. You are not a good man. You were never there for me. But you knew how to deceive the girl who loved you.

With a simple compliment, you made my whole body shake.

With just a look from you, I would lose my breath. You knew me to the bone and that was your biggest asset.

Maybe you did this to all those women before me. That’s why you were so damn good at what you were doing. And I was so drunk in love that I couldn’t see the real truth.

But every game has its end and so did yours. God gave me the common sense to wake up and realize what you had been doing to me.

I could finally see that you never loved me, you would just come when it was convenient for you. Because I was the one who was always there, the one who was at your disposal for everything that you needed.

I never felt bad because of that. I wouldn’t mind doing all those things for you, because I loved you.

I am sure that no other woman will love you more than I did.

No one will crave you like I did!

No one will fuck you like I did!

No one will miss you like I did!

And you were a fool for letting me go.

It hurt me so much to see that the one I had been fighting for the most gave up without a fight.

Without a simple, “I am sorry!” Without remorse, without a tear in your eye. I was the woman who deserved everything but I got nothing.

And even after all these years spent without you, I still think about you.

You were my hardest lesson that I had to learn in a tough way. But I learned it, and that is something I will never forget.

I will never let another man treat me like shit. I will never be a second choice. I will never be the one who waits. I will never be the unlovable one.

That is something that I promise you.

I know that you will eventually figure out what you did.

I know that you will call me but I won’t answer. I know that you will email me but I will never email you back.

When you stop searching for me physically you will seek me emotionally.

You will dream about me every night. Those dreams will be your nightmare, the one you just can’t escape from.

It will hurt, I know it will. Because you will figure out that no one will ever love you like I did.

Too bad you figured it out way too late!