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8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

Being a mom is one of the best things that can happen to a woman. You have the opportunity and responsibility to raise your children and teach them to be the best versions of themselves. 

You are there to give them love, support, understanding and affection—and all that for free, unconditionally. 

No wonder that there is a saying that a mother is the only friend without interest. When you have a mom, you will have an eternal friend and someone who you will always be able to talk about anything. 

But when I listen to stories about mothers nowadays, I hear a lot of comments that being a mom is a piece of cake. Well, if you haven’t tried, you shouldn’t judge. 

Only when you are in someone’s shoes, can you know how they really feel. 

Being a mom myself, I know how much sacrifice, love, affection, understanding and patience you have to have to raise your children. 

So, next time you hear someone telling you that you are just a mom and it makes you feel bad, please remember these things. 

1. You are your child’s best friend

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

You are the person who carried your child under your heart for 9 months. You talked to them; you fell in love with them even before you gave birth to them. 

They know your voice; they can calm down when they feel your smell. They can stop crying if you just put their head on your heart because that is the beat that is so familiar to them. 

If something happens, their first instinct will be to call you and not their dad. Why do you think they do that? 

Because you are number 1 for them. You are their hero who can make all the bad dreams go away. You are there to kiss their boo-boo when it hurts. 

You are there if they need a hug and kiss. To them, you are the universal medicine for all that hurts them. And that makes you so special. 

2. You are their doctor

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

In case your child falls, they will start crying and immediately call your name. They will need you to take them in your arms and take care of them. 

They do that because you are the only person they believe in. They feel safe only in your hands, and there isn’t a wound that your kiss can’t fix. 

Also, if you hug them and tell them the pain will pass, they will actually believe you. You are like their private doctor no matter what happens to them. 

If they have a problem, they will only ask for your help because only a mom knows how to make things better.

3. You are their favorite cook 

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

There is a saying that there is no food like your mother’s. Moms really cook the best and that is why your children will like everything you make. 

If you go the extra mile and decorate their plate with some emojis, they will be thrilled! And yes, they will eat better. 

They know that you will always cook something they like, and they will be happy about it. So, don’t be surprised that  your little people spend so much time in the kitchen while you are cooking. 

They are curious about the next meal, and that is proof that you are their favorite cook. 

4. You are their maid

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

And you know what? You are doing a hella of a great job! 

With your kids and your job, you manage to keep the house clean all the time. You give them baths, wash their laundry, put them to bed and tell them goodnight stories. 

You are working 24/7, and you have no vacation. Even when you are on a vacation with your kids, you are doing all the work while they are having fun. 

But when you see those smiles on their faces, your heart fills with happiness and satisfaction.

You know that you did the right thing. When your kids are happy, you are happy as well. 

Good job mom, I am so proud of you!

5. You are their therapist 

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

Raising a kid is not as easy as you think. When they start going to kindergarten and start having some small issues, they will be worried about them. 

Can you guess whom they will want to talk to? To their mom, of course. 

They know that you give the best possible advice and that they will feel better after they talk to you.

They will tell you things that they will maybe hide from their dad because they know you will never judge them. 

You are your kids’ support no matter what happens. You are responsible for them becoming high-quality people. You are their idol, and to them, you are simply perfect.

6. You are their driver

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

When you have a child, you will probably drive them to different activities. That makes you their driver forever. 

Well, not forever but until they turn 16 years old, that is for sure. At first, you will drive them to kindergarten, school and to their activities. 

Then they will grow up and want you to drive them to movies and pick them up later. 

You will feel like you are spending more time in your car than at home. But that is the beauty of being a full-time mom. And I know that you enjoy every second of it!

7. You are their professor

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

How many times have you heard your child calling you and asking how they should do something?

No matter if they just have to fix their broken toy, switch the channel with the remote or put on a shirt, they will call you. 

They do that because they know you will give the best advice. Plus, you will leave whatever you are doing to fix that broken car or find that missing doll part. 

Trust me, kids see and feel your effort, and that’s why they love you so much.

When your kid opens their eyes widely at the moment you find that missing toy, there is no feeling that can compare with that. 

So, mom, you are doing a great job, and please don’t forget that.

8. In the end, you are their everything

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom

You are a mom, the person they admire the most. 

You are their teacher, driver, cook, therapist, lawyer, maid, best friend, waiter, judge, hairdresser, personal assistant, doctor, and the person who makes all the ‘imaginary’ bad guys go away. 

Mom, you are truly their person, now and forever. When those little hands reach out to you, you can’t be happier than that. 

When those big eyes look at you, admiring you for being able to fix a broken toy, you know that your mission is accomplished. 

From the moment you gave birth to your child, you haven’t stopped working at all. You are available for your little people 24/7. 

When you are a mom, there is no such thing as sick leave or a vacation. You put them first, and you enjoy it the most. 

But they repay you everything with just one kiss and one ‘I love you’. And that is the whole beauty of every motherhood. 

This article is dedicated to every single mother out there. 

I just want you to know that you are doing an amazing job. 

You are raising a human being, and you are doing your best to be successful at it. 

And even if you deserve more than a couple of words, that is all that I can give you now. 

Mom, you are enough!

You are worthy!

You are so special with all your good and bad days.

You are doing the most important job in the world!

You are simply the best!

And for that, THANK YOU!

8 Beautiful Reasons You Are More Than Just A Mom