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8 INTIMATE Things to Do Instead of Having Sex

8 INTIMATE Things to Do Instead of Having Sex

As you grow older, there are some things that matter to you more than raw sex. The most important of them is intimacy .

All of us have the need to experience a deep connection with our significant other. We have the need to get to know them even more than we already do.

Although sex is intimate, especially with someone you like, there are some other things you can do to build a strong connection with your partner.

And on the plus side, these things can lead to even better sex than what you had before, if you want them to.

This can take the form of an ‘innocent, extended’ version of foreplay. #wink

But, there is one thing I can guarantee and that is you will feel incredible .

1. Enjoying the silence

Not every moment of your lives has to be fulfilled. Take a break and hit pause just to enjoy the beautiful silence.

When you look at it, it’s better to keep your mouths shut than to pointlessly talk about unimportant, random stuff just to fill the void.

You won’t feel uncomfortable, at least if you take this seriously. The two of you will fill the space left with your energy and you will enjoy each other’s presence instead of saying meaningless words.

2. Cuddling

There is no better way of expressing your love and affection to someone than through the sense of touch.

Instead of having sex, you should wrap yourselves up and gently stroke each other. You will feel incredible and satisfied.

3. Making out

Skip sex and stick to the making out part. Keep your clothes on and sail back to the past when you thought things couldn’t get any better than making out. Your satisfaction would then reach its climax.

Release all of your sexual energy through this beautiful, kind of ‘forgotten’ act.

4. Cooking

If your partner is a bit clumsy in the kitchen, use this opportunity to teach him/her a thing or two along with spending some intimate time together.

This is a great opportunity to connect with your partner.

There’s nothing better than watching the water boil while feeling comfy in your PJ’s.

Recipe for success:

The two of you + stove = fun time

5. Getting drunk together

This usually happens out of the blue. One glass of wine leads to three. Usually, the atmosphere is intimate—just the two of you.

But, this can go in other directions as well. Unplanned drinking with your friend which makes the two of you keep up with each other’s drinks.

All of a sudden, you are ‘stupid drunk’ and you laugh at stupid stuff and struggle not to fall all over the place for no reason (actually for reason). Alcohol intensifies your feelings toward each other.

At the end of the night, you come home and realize how grateful you are to have each other.

6. Surprising each other

You should do this as often as you can. You can’t put a price on the look of your partner when being surprised.

No matter how small the surprise is, the feeling you evoke in your partner is enormous and priceless. These small things or gifts can make you partner’s day.

7. Sharing a secret

Tell your partner something embarrassing about yourself you’ve never told anyone.

You will share a good laugh which is so intimate. Also, you will connect on a deeper level by learning new things about your partner.

8. Sleeping together

Of course, this doesn’t involve sex. Feel free to just lay beside your partner peacefully, without any sexual attentions and you won’t regret it.

Curl up together and share that intimate moment of romance and mutual trust.