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9 Signs The Love You Have Isn’t The Love You Actually Deserve

9 Signs The Love You Have Isn’t The Love You Actually Deserve

‘Love is blind’. I’m pretty sure that many of you are already familiar with this saying but somehow, when we’re in love, we tend to forget its real meaning.

When we fall in love, our way of thinking significantly changes and we become literally blind to some red flags and other things indicating that something’s not right.

We get deluded into believing that everything is perfect and that we’re happier than ever but is this really true? Is the love you have the love you actually deserve?

Well, there’s one way to find out. If you’re in love, you’re probably already doing everything you can to maintain your relationship.

You love each other a lot and you’re really determined to succeed. But there are some things that you probably haven’t paid much attention to.

If these 9 things are happening in your relationship, it means you’re not with the right person and the love you have is not the love you actually deserve!

You censor yourself

woman hugging thoughtful man

Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t say something in front of your partner because he might judge you or misinterpret it? Well, if you feel like this once in a while, it’s not a big deal. 

But if you’re constantly weighing up in your head if you should say something or do something because you feel anxious about your partner’s reaction, then it is a huge problem in a relationship.

Not feeling comfortable around your partner to be who you really are is the number one red flag that you should never avoid because being in love is all about being genuine with yourself and acceptance of differences.

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Your partner doesn’t give you the right support

upset woman sitting on bed

This one is really easy to miss because we all mostly pay attention to how our partner is treating us when we’re going through rough times and we seldom ask ourselves how our partner is treating us when we’re nailing it.

If your partner shows signs of jealousy and that they are not really happy for your success, then you can be sure they are not giving you the right support.

You can easily notice them faking it by their body language and their choice of words when they are ‘showing you support’.

You’re the only one who sees any good traits in your partner

adorable woman looking at man

Do your friends and family approve of your partner or do they think that they are not really good for you?

If you’re the only one who sees any good traits in your partner, the chances are that you’re living in an illusion.

So, if the majority of the people you know don’t really like your partner, then there must be a valid reason for such thinking.

When you’re in love, it’s easy for you to foresee all the red flags and fatal flaws because you’re blinded by love and that is why it is good to think about the opinions of others as well.

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You make excuses for your partner

businessman is mad at his female colleague

Yup. When we really love someone, we tend to make excuses for them when they are treating us badly or doing something selfish.

By doing so, we’re turning a blind eye to the real problems and issues in our relationship.

We do this because we want to continue living in our imaginative fairy tale. We don’t want to accept the fact that something needs to be changed.

If you’re guilty of doing this and you can relate to everything said above, then you can be sure the love you have isn’t the love you actually deserve.

You’re always the one who has to initiate everything

man and woman looking at opened book

Are you always the one texting, calling and initiating everything first?

If you are, it means you’re making way more effort than your partner and you should never even think of finding excuses for that.

After all,’it takes two to tango’ and going out of your way to keep things functioning can never work in the long run.

Your partner rarely apologizes

man and woman sitting at sofa, not talking

It’s completely normal to make mistakes in a relationship but if your partner never or seldom ever apologizes for it, it means they are not treating you the way you deserve.

If you always make sure to apologize after saying or doing something wrong, then you sure as hell deserve the same treatment in return.

You don’t feel beautiful around your partner

thoughtful woman hugging a man

If you can’t remember the last time your partner complimented your outfit, hair, behavior or something else, then it means they are not making enough effort to make you feel special. 

If you’re always giving your best to look beautiful and to amaze your partner with your choices and they never say anything that will show their appreciation, know that this is not the love that you deserve.

You deserve to feel beautiful the way you are and you deserve to hear compliments on a daily basis (especially if you always make sure to say something nice to them to make them feel better).

Your partner is around other people

smiling friends sitting at street cafe

Have you noticed that your partner behaves differently when they are encircled by their friends or other people that are close to them?

If this is the case, it means they are not treating you with the same amount of respect as they are with others.

It means they are taking you for granted and you certainly don’t deserve that.

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You feel like you don’t know where you stand

thoughtful woman wearing sweatshirt

Do you ever feel like you have no idea where you stand in the relationship and you’re kind of confused about everything your partner does or says?

If you do, it means you’re feeling in your gut that something’s not right in your relationship and you’re kind of lost in all that.

If you’re feeling it in your gut, it likely means it’s true and you definitely should never settle for anything less than you deserve.

You deserve to experience a love that will make you feel blissful and genuinely happy instead of confused or worried.

9 Signs The Love You Have Isn’t The Love You Actually Deserve