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8 Painful Signs It Is Time To Give Up On Him

8 Painful Signs It Is Time To Give Up On Him

Maybe you didn’t think that this will ever happen, but here you are now, thinking if you should stay with him or find your own happiness.

And you think and think, but you can’t think of anything smart. A part of you still loves him while the other part is hurt deeply by his behavior.

To help you make the best solution, here are some painful signs that it is time to give up on him.

Hope that it will open your eyes when you see that things like this are happening to you on a daily basis, but you just refused to see them all this time.

He makes you doubt yourself

mindful woman biting her nail at home

If your partner doesn’t accept you the way you are and you need to doubt your self-worth in your relationship, it is time to give up on him.

A man who truly loves you would accept you with all your flaws and he would never ask you to change. But if you feel bad and like you are not enough, something needs to shift.

You can try to talk to him about your feelings, but if he persists in his decision afterward, doing anything else about it would be in vain.

You are walking on eggshells when you are with him

thoughtful woman puts head on man back while standing outside

Do you feel like you need to watch out what you say or do in front of your partner? Are you afraid that he will freak out if you do something that he doesn’t like?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you should think about where you are now and if you want to be in the same place in a couple of years.

You can’t put your life on hold just to satisfy him and you can’t put him first all the time. What was the last time he did that for you?

Never, I know. So, why would you sacrifice yourself for the man who couldn’t care less for you?

He belittles you in front of everyone

man embarrassing her girlfriend in public

He considers it to be just a joke, but the truth is that because of that joke, you feel deeply hurt.

Somehow, he always says something that you don’t think is nice in front of the others and he never shows that he cares about you. By belittling you, he feels dominant and like someone who is the main part of the relationship.

You need to tell him that what he does is not nice at all and that he needs to get his shit together if he wants to stay with you.

Nothing you do is good for him

young couple sitting at the table in the cafe

Do you know what it feels like to never be enough for the man who is your entire world? Whatever you do is not enough for him and he always wants something better.

Maybe it is time to sit down and think about your feelings toward him. Maybe you don’t like his behavior as well, but you just don’t want to be alone.

I am telling you—it is better to be alone than in a bad and toxic relationship. I am sure that in the end, you will figure out what is the best for you.

He isn’t interested in you

Portrait of young woman and young man outdoor on the street having relationship problems

Do you feel like he runs his life without making an effort to make you a part of it?

Do you feel like the old spark has gone from your relationship and that he has totally lost interest in you?

If these are the things you think about, it is time to give up on him because he obviously doesn’t give you what you crave.

And even if you don’t think that you will ever meet someone new, someone who will know to cherish you, you are not right.

The man who thinks you are worthy will come along. But you know, good things don’t happen overnight.

You beg for his love

thoughtful woman hugging a man

If you have to beg him for the love and affection that are a normal part of every relationship, then that relationship is not worth trying anymore.

If you will be the only one loving, trying and making an effort, there is no sense in continuing that kind of relationship.

If a man sees that you need him and he pulls away, it is a sign that something is not right and that you would be better without him.

You hope he will change

thoughtful woman puts head on man back while standing outside

If you suffer in silence, hoping that he will change, then that relationship is not worth fighting for.

Obviously, your man doesn’t cherish you and he does things his way, not even thinking about what you will say about it.

So, when you find out about all the shit he did to hurt you, you forgive him because, fuck, you still love him, and you pray to God that he will change.

Darling, let me tell you something: He will never change. If you let him, he will lead you on and he won’t even feel remorse about that.

Your gut tells you something is wrong

woman wearing white dress leaning on her knee closed eyes

You know that small voice inside you telling you what is wrong and what isn’t? What does it say right now?

Nothing nice, right? It probably says that he is no longer worth the fight and that you should leave him and find someone who will really make you happy.

It tells you to give up on the man who gave up on you a long time ago and to finally put yourself first. If I were you, I would listen to it because it is never wrong!

8 Painful Signs It Is Time To Give Up On Him