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Forgive Yourself For Loving The Wrong Person

Forgive Yourself For Loving The Wrong Person

If you don’t hold grudges against anyone, why are you holding them against yourself? If you’re able to forgive the people around you for doing things unintentionally, why can’t you forgive yourself? You didn’t know he was going to hurt you.

You didn’t know he would take you for granted. You didn’t know!

So, forgive yourself for falling for the wrong person.

No one will tell you that they’re messed up when they meet you. No one will tell you all about their faults, flaws or demons when they meet you.

And no one will tell you that their love is not the love for you. And there’s no way knowing if you don’t give it a chance.

And I know that you hate yourself for giving the wrong people chances, I know you’re angry with yourself for staying with the wrong people.

But you’re not a quitter and you never have been. When you love, you love wholeheartedly. And when you choose someone, you do it every single day with your entire being.

And that’s what makes you so special, that’s what makes you so amazing.

Never let the wrong people take that away from you, because the right ones are just around the corner from your heartbreak.

Forgive yourself for trusting the wrong people.

You never know who will play your trust and who will keep it safe. You never know who will respect you for trusting them and who will treat you like a fool.

But imagine how sad and lonely your life would’ve been if you had pushed everyone away and held it all inside yourself.

Imagine how pressured you would have felt and how fed up you would’ve been. Let it all go and let it all out.

There will always be people who will show you that trust is tricky but there will also be people who will show you that they’re worthy of your trust.

Forgive yourself for letting the wrong people in.

When you let someone in, you trust they will keep your heart safe. When you let someone in, you let them see the deepest and darkest parts of you.

And sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes they don’t know how to hold you, sometimes they don’t know how to share silence with you. And sometimes they don’t want to learn.

But there will be people who will be honored to hold you at night. There will be people who will be honored to love you and listen to your heartbeat.

There will be someone who will kiss you on your forehead and it will feel like he kissed your soul.

Someone who will see all of your flaws and kiss them anyway. Someone who will help you pick up all your broken pieces and kiss them together. Forgive yourself for letting the wrong people in, so you can give the right ones a chance.

Forgive yourself for loving the wrong person.

I know it hurts, I know you feel stupid for loving someone so bad. I know you’re angry for letting yourself fall for someone so shallow and mean. But you didn’t know. And don’t let him hurt you any longer.

Don’t let his toxic words poison you any longer. Let them go, let him go. Forgive yourself for loving an idiot, because it taught you something much more valuable.

It taught you that it’s not love if it hurts. It taught you that there is a bunch of assholes out there who are only interested in playing with your emotions and heart.

It taught you that there are psychopaths, fuckboys and shit-boys who don’t know how to love. But just because they don’t know how, it doesn’t mean you’re not worth it.

So, don’t deny yourself the chance of meeting someone who will be everything you ever needed and everything you never thought you needed, because you’re still mad at yourself.

Don’t let all those idiots from your past chase away your happiness.

Leave them where they belong and set it all on fire. You deserve more than being stuck in the past with the wrong people.

Look to the future with the right ones. Even if you have to be the One for yourself, it’s still better than lost in the past.

  1. Cee Cee says:

    Well said. I have been trying to forgive myself for not trusting my instincts and giving someone a chance that I had doubts about. Now I feel better and now I know what to do.Thank You