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8 Perfectly Good Reasons Why Some Men Are Attracted To Older Women

8 Perfectly Good Reasons Why Some Men Are Attracted To Older Women

The curiosity of older women dating younger men is also known as ‘cougar phenomenon’.

Although in the past, it was almost impossible to see a young man with an older woman, today, it’s much more common.

One of the main reasons for that is that women have come really far. By the time they are 50, they are completely independent.

They have jobs, they have their own money, and they don’t need to rely on anyone.

In the past, a woman had to marry or partner up with someone, if not for love then for financial security.

In the past, women needed to be with someone who would support them. Today, thankfully, the situation is so different.

In the modern age, a young man can learn a lot from a mature and independent woman.

Some still find it unnatural for younger men to date older women because of evolution.

Since the final goal of a relationship is reproduction and it is said that men subconsciously look for a suitable mate in every woman, the cougar phenomenon is usually judged because of the obvious reasons.

What a lot of people don’t see is that social roles have changed and women are in a position of power and freedom to choose which was once reserved for men.

And due to that change, a lot of people now look at things from a different perspective.

And from that point of view, there is nothing wrong with this picture.

If an older man can date a younger woman, why shouldn’t a younger man date an older woman?

That is nothing more than equality at its finest.

Here are some very good reasons why it’s a good thing to date an older woman:

1. They know what they want

Older women are not into playing games. They don’t need that in their lives.

They will be honest and straightforward right from the start. Games and manipulation are long behind them.

And that is what real and serious men really respect and want.

They want a woman by their side who will say what she wants out loud without speaking in codes.

Older women know what they want from life and there is no soul-searching, which can be really frustrating when dating a younger woman.

2. They are much more experienced

Older women have so much more experience when it comes to life, relationship, and sex.

They know their bodies too well, so they know exactly what they want and they are not afraid to teach their partners.

Also, men love to date older women because sex is great. A mature woman knows exactly how to please a man.

She is not shy of being naked because she is comfortable in her own body and she is not ashamed of anything.

3. They are more emotionally mature

Because of their maturity, older women know how to handle difficult situations without any unnecessary stress or drama.

They’ve been through much and they have grown emotionally – enough to handle everything with ease.

This is what a serious man who isn’t up for dating girls really wants.

Men don’t want a drama queen who will make a fuss about situations that are easy to handle.

4. They are more confident

When you talk to a woman who has been through a lot in life, you have to be aware you’re talking to one strong and confident personality.

There is not much that can surprise her. And you know what? Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can own.

Older women believe in themselves because they know they are smart and capable.

They have years of experience behind them to support that.

Physically, they are happy about themselves and they don’t obsess with perfect bodies.

That part of their life is behind them. They’ve been through all of that. They are happy in their own skin.

5. They are more elegant

Their taste is more refined. They know how to recognize a good and quality thing. They value time differently from younger women.

For example, a younger woman will always choose to go out to a club and get drunk with her friends, while an older woman who has had her share of wild parties will rather stay at home watching a movie or reading a good book with a glass of expensive wine.

6. They are financially stable

Older women have their lives sorted out already. They have their jobs, their homes, and their money.

They don’t need anyone to support them, which is basically the nightmare of every modern man.

Luckily for men, there are a lot of independent and financially stable women out there, which is one reason more why men choose to date older women.

7. They know how to lead a conversation

The stereotype of men only wanting women for one thing – sex – is ridiculous.

I mean, maybe it’s not if you’re looking for a fling or if you’re talking about an emotionally immature man.

Yes, I know, no one wants that kind of a man by their side.

That’s why men who mean business and want to be engaged in a serious relationship prefer an intellectual woman by their side – a woman who knows how to have a meaningful and interesting conversation, a woman who is smart and eloquent.

8. They don’t hide their feelings

This is due to their experience.

Young women often build emotional walls around themselves precisely because there are a lot of emotionally challenged men, men with all kind personality disorders such as narcissism.

So, it’s natural they feel the need to protect themselves.

A woman with experience, on the other hand, has been through all types of men.

She has met them all – fuckboys, narcissists, mama’s boys, you name it.

The reason why older women are open about their feelings is that they know how to judge a man they are opening up to and they know they have nothing to lose.

The bottom line is, dating an older woman is a privilege that more and more men would like to experience.

Is it so strange that a man would want to date someone who is perfectly satisfied and altogether?

8 Perfectly Good Reasons Why Some Men Are Attracted To Older Women